Homeopathy for coughs…PART 2.  You can read PART 1 here.

 Homeopathic remedies to help your cough 

Here are some of the more commonly used cough remedies. If your symptoms do not match the descriptions here this doesn’t mean there isn’t a remedy that can help you. If you have not seen improvement with cough symptoms within 3 days then seek help. Don’t ignore a cough.

 If the remedy is available in the Helios 36 remedy kit it is marked with * 

Sudden attack usually after exposure to dry, cold winds. Dry barking croupy cough. Dry, tingling sensation in the throat making it difficult to swallow. Feeling of constriction in the throat. Cough disturbs sleep with choking sensation, straining to get breath in – worse in the middle of the night. 

Most useful within the first 24-48 hours of symptoms developing. If you miss this time look at the other remedies.

Cough after a cold or flu that doesn’t clear with rest and care. Copious catarrh in the chest which is difficult to bring up. Cough is noisy, rattling when breathing. General weakness which makes it difficult to cough.

Gasps for breath before each bout of coughing and has to sit up to cough.
Worse for: Cough is much worse at night and early morning, lying flat, eating, yawning.
Better for: sitting up, after bringing up catarrh

Throat feels tight and burning
and temporarily relieved by small sips of warm water. Tight sensation in the chest with short, dry, tickly, wheezy cough – must sit up to cough.

Difficulty raising irritating catarrh. What mucus there is, is frothy and may be flecked with blood. Wheezing and coughing brought on or made more intense by anxiety and stress. Cough can be brought on by allergy or irritated air passages.

Words of sympathy during a coughing fit make things worse and you may feel very anxious about your symptoms.
Worse for: Night time 12 to 2am, cold – air, drinks, drafts
Better for: sitting upright, warm – drinks, warmth of bed

Dry, short, barking, croupy, cough with tickling in the trachea and rapid breathing. Coughing begins with irritation and tickling sensation in the throat. Cough more noticeable in bed at night. Rapid breathing, and pain in larynx and stomach on coughing. Sudden high fever will develop

Hoarseness can develop quickly and lead to complete loss of voice. There can be a stiff neck from coughing and the head will feel hot even if there is no marked fever.
Worse for: motion, deep breath, yawning, coughing will cause irritation which in turn will produce more coughing.

Hard, dry, irritating
cough felt in the throat and upper chest – this cough feels painful. Whole body shakes with coughing.

Need to hold chest when coughing with sore stitching pains. Constant tickling in throat area leads to coughing spasms. Very little expectoration. Splitting headache made much worse with every coughing episode. Cough much worse for eating & drinking which leads to gagging, retching and vomiting.
Worse for:  coming from outside into a warm room, overheated rooms, any movement, deep breathing
Better for:   sitting up, rest, no movement, open air, pressure to painful muscles

Intense tickling in the larynx. Breathlessness brought on by spasms of coughing. Coughs sounds deep, hacking, barking  and hollow. Need to hold chest when coughing. Trachea feels dry.

There will be retching at the end of the coughing episodes leading to vomiting. Coughing can be accompanied by nosebleeds and cold sweats. A key whooping cough remedy.
Worse for: talking, laughing, crying, being too warm, when alone, lying down – cough can start as soon as your head hits the pillow. Evening time particularly after midnight.
Better for: sitting up and motion

Loose rattling very hoarse cough with choking thick yellow mucus
that is very difficult to bring up. When lying down you may sound like you are suffocating from so much catarrh. Can also alternate with a dry croupy cough (dry cough at night/loose cough in the morning).
Worse for: The slightest draft, uncovering or undressing – you want to stay wrapped up and very still. Cold – weather, air, drinks, food, wind.
Better for: expectoration, warmth. You will want to sit up and bend your head backwards to cough.

Incessant cough with every breath
. Rattling mucus and tight chest but NO expectoration. frequent nausea and vomiting with cough – will not feel better for vomiting. Fits of coughing will make the whole body become rigid and can result in blueness of the face. Think of this remedy if there is a nosebleed with coughing. Tongue will look smooth and shiny.
Worse for: warmth, evening around 7pm
Better for: open air.

Deep hollow cough from bottom of the chest which will feel tight and burning
. There will be tickling of the airways along with the constant production of catarrh in back of the throat.

Catarrh will be yellowish grey and thick. Lots of sniffling and snuffling. Coughing fits brought on by swallowing saliva or air. You may feel bloated and windy, weak and irritable.
Worse for: cough is worse between 4 and 8 (am and pm), on falling asleep, empty swallowing, lying on left side.
Better for: warm drinks, lying on your back.  

Useful for a lingering cough after a cold. There will be dryness of the mucous membranes and tickling the throat area. Cough may be accompanied by headache which will feel much worse for every cough.

You will feel right sided stitching pains just below the ribs when coughing. Eyes will water when coughing. If mucus is brought up it will be clear. Desire to snack on salty foods
Worse for: being caught in a draft, 9-11am, heat, warm rooms, lying down.
Better for: open air, sweating, rest, sitting up.

Hard, dry, tickling cough with raw and burning chest.
Trembling feeling with coughing fit and general feeling of exhaustion. Useful for the established stage of a cough with yellow coloured catarrh which can be blood streaked. Painless loss of voice. Desire to hold chest whilst coughing, which will feel tight and heavy.
Worse for: lying in left side, strong smells (cough may be brought on by exposure to strong smells or fumes, chemicals), evening/twilight
Better for: eating, sleep (even a short nap), cold open air, rest, warmth

This cough can change from very loose and rattling during the day to dry at night. Coughing fits will come in 2 coughs at a time. There will be copious amounts of yellow or green catarrh much worse in the morning. Due to the copious amounts of catarrh there will be gagging and retching when coughing. Eyes will water when coughing and often involuntary urination.

You will feel weak and tearful and want help and support – and a hug too.
Worse for: evening time or at night in bed – as soon as you lie down in bed. From a tickle in the trachea.
Better for: company and attention. Open air, short walk outside. Deep breathing, Sitting up in bed supported with pillows.

Barking dry cough which has the characteristic sound of a saw going through wood.

Wheezing and shortness of breath, chest will feel like it is burning. Will feel like you are breathing through a sponge, and unable to bring up phlegm which gathers in the chest.

Will be worried and fearful about your symptoms. 
Worse for: lying down in a warm room, talking, cold winds, cold drinks, exertion, around midnight.
Better for: warm drinks or eating something, bending forwards

These are by no means the ONLY remedies which can help ease short lived coughs.

There are hundreds! The above remedies are some of the more commonly used remedies which can help an uncomplicated cough.

You may find symptoms change and another remedy is required.

The remedies are helping the body heal and part of the healing process is often a progression through different symptoms. On occasions you may have two remedies in mind and find it difficult to decide which one to give. Try one remedy first, then watch and wait for an hour or so. If no change, try the other remedy you had in mind. Alternating remedies at intervals has often helped to move symptoms onto a clearer picture of one particular remedy.

If you find symptoms are not improving you must take action – don’t ignore worsening symptoms. Seek help in the most appropriate place. For coughs which do not resolve with rest, or well indicated  remedies could suggest of a more chronic condition. Please don’t ignore a cough that won’t go away.


Dosage and Frequency – guidance here.


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