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Rachael is so kind, helpful, and has significantly helped improve my overall health. It’s so nice to have a health care practitioner that listens to you, sees you, hears you, and helps you. She’s helped with my anxiety/PTSD and my chronic yeast infections.

I decided to work with Rachael after my sister had phenomenal success with herself and her newborn daughter’s digestive issues.

I can’t explain how much working with her has changed my overall quality of day to day life. Forever grateful for my sister for introducing me to Rachael Riches Homeopathy.

We were at a medical crossroads in our household: about to make a major decision about an immune-suppressing medication for my teenage daughter who had been diagnosed with Lupus.

A friend recommended I make an appointment with Rachael first, to see if she could help. Oh boy, she did!

Rachael has been so calm and peaceful to work with–my daughter says it’s like working with a counselor, the way Rachael empathizes and asks questions which seem to get to the heart of the matter.

We’ve worked with her now for around a year and a half and all of the issues which we have come to her for help have either been improved (skin), better-managed (anxiety), or nearly eliminated (pain, inflammation).

We’re about to turn a corner to start working on some new issues and I have full confidence that Rachael will be able to help us walk through this new series of challenges as well.

What an absolute blessing, relief, and conduit of hope this process has been with her!

Working with Rachael has been such a blessing to my family. The healing we’ve seen in my son is astronomical. It’s been 10 months since we started with her and he was at the worst that he had ever been. 

Prior to working with her, we had tried working with a different type of homeopath, herbalist, parasite cleanses, etc. We were/had tried so many things holistically and conventionally at that point.

The first dermatologist we saw said he’ll have this the rest of his life. Another dermatologist said just get him bathed and put cream on him and he’ll be better. As well as get him allergy tested to remove any allergens. I was working with lots of different homeopathy remedies and some would seem to work for awhile, but nothing was helping him long term.

When we started with her, his eczema was the worst that it had ever been. It was the heat of the summer and he didn’t like being outside because it was already irritated, heat made it worse. But he also didn’t like getting it wet and would not want to bathe as well as any lotions or creams on his skin. At 3 years old, he had become aware of his skin condition and that other adults or kids would comment on it. He didn’t want to play, go outside or do anything a normal 3 year old would want to do. He wanted to stay inside and watch tv. He was difficult to get up in the morning, I would have to carry him upstairs. He had many moods and because of his itching, his socks, bedding would be soiled and stick to his skin. Food was also an issue and was very picky about what he would eat or if he felt like eating.

In the 10 months since we’ve worked with her, we’ve seen a lot of ups and downs but having her be a resource has been invaluable. Someone to walk alongside us in this process and support us when we needed it the most. I felt like I could always ask if something looked different with his skin and she provided a timely answer or direction of what was best for him. She would gently remind me that we can’t push the body to heal faster than it wants to and that we have to allow it the time it needs.

I highly recommend if you’re considering working with Rachael, DO it. 

Rachael Riches Homeopathy

Working with Rachael is really easy and comforting, she is able to listen, guide and understand the condition from different aspects that makes the treatment succesful. . This is realy important  for me as I have felt very supported at a critical time as I tend  to panic very easily.

I am very grateful to have found Rachael as a Homeopath and will absolutely recommend her as a very professional and knowlegable individual.

 After almost a year struggling with skin problem a friend of mine has recommended Rachael as a homeopath especially for skin issues. Before seeing Rachael I was very emotional and stressed out. It was difficult  to relax as the skin was bothering me most of the time and I felt helpless.

After the first appointment have felt at ease and trusted I have found someone that is really knowledgeable and helpful.

The conversation was easy and smooth, felt even relaxed as I am quite nervous in general. Remedies arrived quickly and  communication and guidance was amazing.

I have experienced an episode of stress release after the first week and after that felt much calmer and  balanced despite the stressful things in my life going at the background.

After a month taking the remedies, felt really good generally and my skin was improving rather quickly. I have noticed visibly the difference within the first week.

My anxiety has reduced and felt significantly much more calmer than before. I had an episode of skin flare recently and contacted Rachael for help.

Her prompt engagement and quick reaction and support was amazing!

Rachael Riches Homeopathy
Homeopathy for eczema

Our 15month old had been struggling with eczema for about 3 months when we found Rachael. I was so desperate for help and results. Rachael was so confident she’d be able to help us and it was music to a mommas ears.

The entire healing process took about 6 months. There were weeks where her skin was worse than when we started and I wanted to give up. Rachael was so patient and compassionate with me as she encouraged us to keep going. Not only does our daughter have flawless skin now, I know that she has been healed from the inside out and not just with some topical cream.

We have also been able to reintroduce foods we had eliminated from her diet with no issue. I’m so thankful for the relationship we’ve built with Rachael through this. She will be a key part of helping us keep our family thriving.

I have been working with Rachael for about 6 months now on many chronic deep rooted issues.

Rachael has a wonderfully kind and empathetic way of unpacking and getting to the bottom of the problem. She not only prescribes but helps me understand how the remedies help my body. She is really perceptive and has been very flexible in tailoring my treatment plan and follow-ups to meet my specific needs.

She has been an incredible support through my healing journey and I highly recommend her!

I needed a homeopath in a hurry this week, being quite late at night I went straight to the Homeopathy 247 website where I knew there would be a homeopath ready and waiting to help me. I was seen by a homeopath immediately who really helped me out and continued to support me for 48 hours after, which was amazing and very reassuring.

I can’t thank this service enough for being there day and night and for the professional and caring help I have received.

I am truly grateful and will not hesitate to recommend you to others. Thank you Rachael Riches for being the homeopath on call that night.

Homeopathy 247

I have had the pleasure to worth with Rachael for a while now and I can’t say enough about my experience.

She takes into consideration everything you mention and listens, I feel like I’ve known Rachael for years! She is professional yet like a friend. I am able to get in touch with her in between appointments without any issues and she is great to notify if she’ll be away or on vacation.

I am so pleased with her services and constitutional care that I highly recommend her to any of my friends and family who are willing to do homeopathy. 


“ My skin had been in poor condition for as long as I could remember. I knew I didn’t want to just cover it with creams, I wanted to get to the bottom of what was causing the problems. Working with Rachael was easy and she has helped me enormously. She was calm and considerate throughout and has helped me to recover. My skin is now a million times better and I feel more confident as a result. “


“ You’ll be happy to know that XXXXX is thriving and doing really well. 

You literally helped me get my son bacK from the brink. “


The remedies you gave me have worked their magic. I am no longer itching and my state of mind is back to how it should be so I thank you very much.


I failed to tell you how nice it was to talk to you, and that you assured me that some of my feelings are common woman things.

Thank you! 


Can highly recommend Rachael, It’s the first time I’ve actually felt like someone is listening and actually cares, not only does she care about my daughters treatment but also the whole family! No matter how many emails and concerns – she’s always there to help! Thank you Rachael for putting up with my madness! 

 Rachael has been treating my daughter for the last couple of years for a range of ailments – most notably a stubborn ear infection that antibiotics didn’t seem to be able to get rid of. Since Rachael treated her it has not come back. I can’t recommend her enough.


Rachael has been treating my daughter for the last couple of years for a range of ailments – most notably a stubborn ear infection that antibiotics didn’t seem to be able to get rid of. Since Rachael treated her it has not come back. I can’t recommend her enough.

About a month ago, I found out about Rachael’s eczema study and started working with her to improve my son’s skin condition.

After the first month of taking the remedies she prescribed, we have already seen improvement in his skin. It has been great working with someone who has this much experience with eczema, and I have appreciated her approach to healing my son’s body as a whole, rather than treating symptoms like other doctors we consulted attempted to do. She is always quick to respond to my emails, and gives a thorough and easily understandable explanation to all my questions.

It is hard as a young mom to trust another for my son’s care, but I feel completely confident placing my trust in her.

Just came here to say how much of an amazingly wonderful homeopath Rachael Riches is!! We started working with her 2 months ago now for my son’s eczema. Since then, anything and everything she has recommended to us has helped myself and our family so much! We worked with 3 different homeopaths before God introduced us to Rachael, and I cannot be more grateful for that introduction.

After we began working with her for his eczema, my son started having some weird neuro-like spasms and we were not sure what was going on. Rachael decided it was best to take a break on the eczema treatment and had me dose him with a remedy for the spasms. After 1 SINGLE dose, the episodes stopped. They were occurring 2-4 times per day prior to the remedy. I was amazed!

She also recently suggested a remedy for a cough/cold my daughter and I have and it’s already starting to help us after 1 dose last night before bed.

I have to be honest when saying that I was beginning to lose faith in homeopathic medicine after working with so many homeopaths with absolutely no results. I am now AMAZED and Rachael has made this happen for me!

Thanks so very much, Rachael.

“ Rachael is a compassionate and intelligent listener who is nonjudgemental and easy going. I think you could discuss anything and everything with her without her being phased. I feel this is a very important quality in a homeopath.

Rachael is thoughtful and considered when she is working on the issues you present, intuitively bringing together the physical symptoms and your emotional background to consider the tailored holistic symptom picture and potential remedy prescription.

Rachael is a calming and reassuring person who has helped both me and my children through various issues over the years. I would thoroughly recommend her.”


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