Patient Information

New Patients

BEFORE YOUR FIRST APPOINTMENT. Please download the pdf file and read through. The pdf contains information about your treatment, what to expect, how to contact me and your cancellation policy.  CLICK HERE

Your Homeopathic prescription

After your appointment you will receive an email from me with your homeopathic prescription. This will include the NAME of the remedy, the POTENCY, WHEN to take your remedy and DURATION.

It may look something like this. Pulsatilla 200c 1 dose weekly – Saturdays – for 4 weeks. 

Where to buy your remedies

USA – You will receive ordering information in your prescription email. 

Canada – there are 2 homeopathic pharmacy’s you can order from  Riverdale, and Thompsons Homeopathic

UK – Discussed in your appointment.
Ainsworths  offer international shipping. 

Mainland Europe – Discussed in your appointment. 

Detox Remedies – Any detox prescriptions will be discussed in your appointment. 

From time to time I may send you additional remedies which are not available to order other than the UK. This will be discussed in your appointment.


What kind of remedy to order

 X, C and M potency remedies – please order dry pellets.  LM Potency – usually ordered from I&E Organics. Please order 15ml dropper bottle in alcohol. 

How to take your remedy

Please download this sheet and keep safe  – CLICK HERE

email me or schedule a 15minute call. 





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