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Read my latest blog posts here. I write about homeopathy and natural healing. You will find articles about treating yourself at home with a remedy kit, case studies and how working with a homeopath can transform your health and well-being. Enjoy.

Homeopathic help for hay fever

Homeopathic help for hay fever

With spring well underway that means blossom, warmer weather and ALLERGIES. For those living with hay fever spring can be most unwelcome as it brings with it uncomfortable and often debilitating symptoms from which there is little escape. Homeopathic treatment can...

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Bleach baths and eczema. Yes or No?

Bleach baths and eczema. Yes or No?

If you have a child who is living with eczema you will very likely have been advised to try bleach baths as a way of easing symptoms. The idea is that adding bleach to your child’s bath will thoroughly clear the skin of Staph overgrowth. Staph infections are a common...

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