If you are new to homeopathic treatment, you might unsure about what to expect from your appointment. You may find the information here helpful.

The homeopathy appointment

The information you provide in your appointment is essential to effective treatment. your appointment will look very different to an appointment you may have had with a general mainstream doctor. a homeopath will spend time asking lots of questions about your symptoms as well as wanting to know you about your health history, your life in general and who you are as a person. homeopathy is person centred medicine, so it’s important to know the who the person is receiving treatment. Here is an idea of what kinds of things you will be asked.

We start with talking about what it is that you are seeking with help with. You will be asked to describe in your own words your symptoms, what they are like, and the impact these symptoms are having on your life. You may come for help with a named condition ie eczema, acne, hypothyroid, or a generalised description of symptoms, ie anxiety, low mood, irregular periods it’s important to talk about your description of your symptoms. We are all individuals and a homeopath is interested in how you experience your symptoms and what its like for you to experience them.

It’s all about YOUR individual symptoms.

Knowing the name of your symptoms or disease is helpful, however your symptoms are more important to hear about.
You will be asked questions about what makes your symptoms better or worse? Do your symptoms come and go? Does anything else happen at the same time?

You will be asked to describe how and when your symptoms started and how you have been treating them up to this point in time.

Your homeopath will ask you if you can remember what life was like when your symptoms developed, or can you associate any particular stresses, or emotional upheaval to the time when you first noticed your symptoms.

Information such as trauma, physical and emotional stress, sleep patterns, medications, surgeries are all important all this starts to provide clues into who you are, and how your symptoms may have started and if anything else needs to be explored.

If you have more than one issue you are seeking help with you may be asked to prioritise what you would like to address first.

Who is the person dealing with these symptoms?

When all the information has been shared about your symptoms, we will move onto finding out about you – the person who is dealing with these symptoms.

You maybe asked general questions about your life and you as a person such as:

What are your hobbies and why do you like them? 

What is important to you in your life?

How is your sleep, your mood, your energy.

What makes you happy, sad, angry, scared?

What food do you enjoy and what do you dislike?

All of these questions help the homeopath get to know the person they are speaking too and how you navigate your life.

All this information is important, you may also be asked more questions delving deeper into particular answers.

The homeopathic medicine – your remedies.

Your remedy or series of remedies will be selected based on all this information. This remedy best fits you and your symptoms. You will be sent the remedy along with dosage instructions or emailed the name and potency of the remedy, dosage instructions and details on where you can order your remedies.

Remedies stimulate the body’s healing mechanisms.

These remedies are a catalyst for your body to start the healing process, they remind the body that is can heal and encourages the body to start this process. It is likely you will need more than one remedy and more than one appointment.

Further appointments.

Follow up appointments are an important part of your healing as they offer a chance to assess progress to determine if your remedy needs to change based on your changing symptoms. You will be given guidance on when to schedule a follow up appointment when you are sent your remedies.

Treating children.

If you are a parent and seeking treatment for your child it is important your child is present for all or part of the homeopathy appointment. If you child is of an age where they are not talking yet, then you will be asked questions. It is still helpful to observe your child during the appointment, however they may not need to be present for the whole duration. If your child is of an age where they are talking it is likely they will be asked questions which are age appropriate. Again, they may not need to be present for the whole appointment and this can be discussed at the time.




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