Not herbs. Not homeopathy – a blend of both.

 Homeobotanical remedies are not homeopathic and they are not herbs – they combine the healing potential of both. Liquid herbal extract is used in such small doses so these cannot be classed as herbal medicine, and as these remedies are a combination of several herbs, they are not homeopathic.

Homeobotanicals are low dose herbal blends which are “potenised” like a homeopathic remedy, which then transforms the herbal remedy into something more dynamic. They become a powerhouse combination of physical herbal tincture and the energetic healing of homeopathy.

The original blends were put together by Dr. Brian Murray (ND, DO, PhD) in New Zealand in the 1980s to reduce the cost of the commercial herbal formulations so making them more accessible to everyone. By potentising the herbal formulations, the amount of raw material needed is greatly reduced which then reduces the cost of each bottle.

Each formula can be combined with homeopathic treatment without interfering with the action of homeopathic remedies or flower essences; they complement the action of these remedies. When used alongside other therapies such as these, they enhance vitality and accelerate recovery and can also be taken alongside any prescribed pharmaceutical medications you may be taking.

Homeobotanicals bring the body back into balance by detoxing the organs and systems, rebalancing the body then rebuilding with good nutrition found in herbs.

The action of Homeobotanicals

Physical – this includes organ drainage and support which can stimulate the release of toxins from specific areas of the body. The formulas can clean out toxins – ingested, inhaled, absorbed – leaving someone capable of functioning much more efficiently. Once the toxic load is taken off the organs, immunity can re-establish and work to restore balance.

Once toxins are released from the body other blends offer nutritional support, assisting with mineral and nutrient absorption. The nutritional component of minerals and other micro-nutrients, encourages optimum assimilation which nourishes and re-builds the immune system, thereby creating more vibrant health and energy.

Dynamic – Due to the way in which these remedies are produced, using gentle potentisation and with very small amounts of herbs, they stimulate the healing action of the body. As they are very gentle, they are suitable for sensitive people where traditional herbal remedies may be too strong.

Synergistic – reinforcing the healing action of other therapies used alongside. They “power up” the healing potential of other therapies.

Homeobotanical remedies cleanse, nourish, invigorate and support your body and mind gently without synthetic ingredients or chemicals, and are suitable for use by everyone, including infants and during pregnancy.


 There are over 50 Homeobotanical blends which can all be given as stand-alone blends or combined in personal blends to support your individual needs. These blends can be used for both acute and chronic conditions.

Acute issues such as: coughs, colds & flu, sprains, strains, colic, nausea, anxiety, headaches, pain, short term sleep problems.

Chronic issues such as: allergies, hormone balancing, skin conditions, fatigue, depression, blood pressure, blood sugar, gastrointestinal complaints, menopause, perimenopause, adrenal fatigue, thyroid imbalance, asthma, poor vitality, weakened immune system, toxic build up.

Treating chronic (long standing) conditions may take some time to resolve depending on the type of condition, duration and complexity of the issue. Initial stages of treatment often begin with ensuring the elimination organs are functioning well. This alone can often provide relief from symptoms.

Each blend has been created for a specific action.

 The herbs in each formula have been selected due to their healing properties and curative action and collectively support the action of each other.

For example, the liver support blend contains herbs and botanicals all known for their affinity with liver support and cleansing. The liver blend contains Barberry, Dandelion, Greater Celandine, St Mary’s Thistle and more.

 Some of the Homeobotanical blends available include:

Liver, Kidney, Heart and Circulation, Blood and Lymph, Pancreas, Lung, Immune support, Female Balance, Menopause Balance, Tiredness, Anti-Inflammatory, Allergies, Coughs, Cold & Catarrh, Skin, Injury, Joints & Rheumatism

 All blends are plant based and do not contain anything synthetic, and not tested on animals.

Whether you are looking for immune support for the winter months for the family, a whole body or organ specific detox and cleanse or you are looking to naturally support your body as it heals from a long-term chronic issue; homeobotanical remedies can help.

Homeobotanical remedies are available as a stand alone treatment or as part of your homeopathic prescription.

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