Baby eczema healing with homeopathy

As a parent to a baby with eczema symptoms you maybe asking yourself one or both of these questions.

Q: “The steroid cream is not working, what do I do?”

Q: “I don’t want to use steroid cream on my baby’s skin, what do I do?”

A: “Have you considered homeopathy?”

Read how 2 families found the answer to these questions with homeopathic treatment. Skin symptoms cleared and so much more.

Case 1 – Grace

Grace was 5 months old when I first met her and her parents. She had been dealing with skin issues since she was 4 weeks old. Her skin symtpoms were dry, red circular patches on her legs, arms and elbows.

Mum had tried lots of things to help her baby. Emollient creams irritated Grace’s skin. Her pediatrician recommended steroid cream use. Grace’s parents did not want to use steriod cream becuase they were concerned abou the long term damage this could do to the skin. 

Eczema, constipation, food issues

Grace was very constipated – only having a bowel movement every 7-10 days.
By removing dairy from mum’s diet bowel movements improved to every 6-7 days

After her 16-week injections Grace’s skin got much worse, the skin symptoms spread to her wrists, shoulders, calves, thighs, arms. Her skin was dry and red with raised rough patches. Constipation got worse again.

Mum noticed Grace’s skin got worse after certain foods so she removed wheat, corn and soya from her diet. Things started to turn around after this, skin symptoms improved a little and bowel movements now every 3-4days.

Grace is exclusively breast fed.

This is where I prescribed the first homeopathic remedies for Grace.

Follow Up – 6 weeks later

Skin is clear. Pooping – daily!
Mum tried wheat for the first time in months and Grace had a small skin flare which calmed within a few hours. Bowel movements changed, harder to poop but still daily and very restless at night.

Further remedies prescribed based on symptom development.

Follow Up – 8 weeks later

Skin is still clear. Pooping daily.

Mum tried wheat again and Grace is Ok. Skin and poop no change. This time mum tried some dairy in her diet and Grace became restless, developed diaper rash with stool changes. Grace is showing lots of interest in trying food. So far fruit and veg have been eaten with gusto!

Prescription continues to focus on gut and digestion health and food allergies.

 Follow Up – 8 weeks later

Skin is clear, Pooping daily.

Mum eating wheat and Grace is doing well. Grace has eaten a small amount of wheat and all is good. Mum tried dairy again and baby poops OK, skin is fine, just a little gassy.


Red, rough, hard raised patches all over her body.

Case 2 – Claire

Claire was 5 months old when I first met her and her mum. She had been dealing with skin issues since 7-10 days post birth. Over the weeks and months before her first appointment steroid cream, antibiotic cream and antifungal creams had been used. Whilst the skin symptoms eased when using these creams her symptoms soon returned when the medication stopped. Mum was very concerned about the continued use of these medications on her baby.

Claire’s symptoms started as blotchy hard rough eruptions on her face, which soon spread to her neck, shoulders, arm creases and torso. The skin was bright red, weeping clear fluid and looked sore. Any emollient cream made her skin much redder and Claire was unhappy after any cream was applied – she was clearly very uncomfortable.


Eczema, bowel issues, food allergies

Claire was also dealing with very runny bowel movements. They were yellow, runny, contained mucus and smelt strongly of vinegar. She also suffered with reflux and mum noticed that her skin became much worse as her bowel movements got worse. Claire was exclusively breast fed and Mum soon noticed an improvement when she removed dairy from her diet. Things were not fully resolved but Claire was a little more comfortable.

When I met Claire there was a daily use of steroid cream.  I prescribed remedies specific to Claire’s needs for her skin symptoms and digestive health.


Follow Up – 6 weeks later

General improvement since last appointment. Steroid cream now 5 days out of 7 rather than daily. Flare ups not as intense, and calm down quicker. Skin no longer weeping fluid.

Bowel movements more consistent and stool is more formed. Mum noticed as her bowel movements improved, so did her skin. New remedies prescribed

Follow Up – 6 weeks later

Steroid cream reduced to 1-2 times weekly and only in certain small spots.
Very few flares of red skin which calm very quickly.

Bowel movements – good. Daily, formed stool, no vinegar smell.

Claire is generally much happier!

Further remedies prescribed based on her symptom development.


Before homeopathic treatment.


After homeopathic treatment.

Both baby’s made fabulous progress with the support of individualized homeopathic remedies.

Homeopathy treats the whole person

Even though both babies’ were brought for treatment for the symptoms of eczema, healing reached so much further than the skin. Both girls were experiencing digestive issues.

The skin issues and food allergies were the body’s way of telling us that is where the deeper issue is – the root cause. Topical applications simply couldn’t reach this. In both cases topical creams were making things worse.

Homeopathic treatment is able to address this root cause meaning no more skin symptoms, no more troubling digestive issues and no more concerns about food allergies. Wonderful news of these families.

Does any of this sound familiar ? Is your baby dealing with something similar and you are not sure how to help them?

Homeopathy can offer you a natural, safe and gentle solution. If you are interested in learning more then please get in touch. I would love to help you and your family. Contact me HERE.

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