Focusing on your hay fever “out of season” means you will have less to focus on “in-season”.  

 Seasonal allergic rhinitis — or hay fever to you and I— may not be something you’re thinking of getting treatment for now it’s September and “out of season” for most of us living in the Northern Hemisphere. However, starting homeopathic treatment in the Autumn and Winter will mean that when the Spring blossoms next year you’ll find you’re suffering less with hay fever, and that you can start to welcome the warmer months rather than dread them.

Hay fever maybe seasonal, but the underlying reason for the symptoms is not.

An allergy is an over reactive response by the immune system to an outside antigen. The antigen maybe external and seasonal, but the response is internal and ever-present. This response—your symptoms —to an allergen: pollen, grasses, etc, can be very intense and a sign your immune system is out of balance.

Rather than taking medication which simply stops the symptoms, homeopathic treatment can address the underlying issue—a high sensitized immune system —and bring the body back into balance. When the immune system is re-balanced there is no longer a need to produce hay fever symptoms.

How can homeopathy help?

 The homeopathic approach to treatment works by:

Strengthening the immune system with individual constitutional remedies.

Addressing the underlying pre-disposition with specific deep-acting remedies taken over of a number of weeks.

De-Sensitising through exposure to remedies created from the allergens themselves – eg pollens, grasses etc.


Re-balancing the body. If there is a long history of using hay fever medications, you may benefit from a gentle homeopathic detox from these meds.

I recommend starting this treatment “out of season” so your body can focus on healing at a deep level whilst it is not directing a lot of its energy on acute symptoms “in season”. 

“The best time to treat hay fever is after the acute attack subsides and until it begins again the next season. It will then occur in a greatly modified form, different from the patient has ever had, and calling for a different remedy.”  James Tyler Kent

What to expect.

Your appointment will be like any other homeopathy appointment; the focus is on your individual symptoms and how they impact on your life and wellbeing.  A full case history is taken, and we look in detail at your hay fever symptoms, e.g.  when they started, what they are like and what you do to manage them.

You are then prescribed homeopathic remedies which are selected based on your individual symptoms and case history. Your remedies are prepared with full instructions and mailed to you. Remedies are taken for 6-8 weeks. During follow up appointments your remedies are adjusted to reflect any change in symptoms. Depending on your symptoms and health history you may benefit from a further course of the winter prevention treatment for hay fever before Spring the following year.

What to expect in Spring.

As the allergy season approaches you will start to notice a change in your symptoms. Your symptoms may have changed from previous years; they could be less intense, you may react to different allergens than previously, and for some, no symptoms at all.

If you find you are dealing with allergy symptoms you have your homeopathic remedies to hand. After deep constitutional healing of the winter months with a focus on the re-balancing and de-sensitising, I notice patients respond much quicker  when homeopathic remedies are used for acute treatment. This means symptoms are eased quicker, they are less intense and you find you are not reaching for anti-histamines all the time.

Homeopathy can offer a lot for hay fever sufferers.

Given the length of time you might have been living with these symptoms and your health history, you’ll start to notice year on year a reduction in your symptoms. Homeopathy cannot promise a “cure” of your symptoms in 1 season, but it can offer you a natural alternative to anti-histamines which you will not need to take for life to manage your symptoms. The aim is to get you symptom free and medication free and enjoying life all year round. 

“With constitutional treatment each yearly attack is lighter, and at the end of treatment his is able to live in his own climate unaffected.” James Tyler Kent

With a little bit of preparation work in the Autumn you will be able to look forward to Spring rather then dreading it.

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