Healing with Homeopathy is a series of steps leading us towards our goal of living symptom free

If you are new to homeopathy you may be a little unsure about what to expect from treatment. You may have lots of questions about what it will be like, what will happen, how soon you will get better. I aim to answer some of these questions here.

Your healing is influenced by many things

Factors such as; your level of health, the particular condition you are seeking help with, medications you are taking now, or in the past, and how your body responds to homeopathic remedies all play a role in your healing. How long and what healing will look like is unknown. My aim is for you to see a steady, consistent improvement in your symptoms and general level of health and well-being.

YOUR progress is what matters

Please don’t measure it against what you had hoped to happen, what someone says will happen or what has happened to someone else. Your body is healing in a way that is appropriate for you. Remedies are prescribed based on your current symptoms. As these symptoms ease and disappear often different symptoms reveal themselves. This doesn’t mean the remedies are not working, it means your body is responding to treatment and showing us what needs healing next.

Old symptoms returning

You may start to notice old symptoms returning which you have not experienced for a while. This is a sign your body is directing us towards an unresolved illness in your past which it is now ready to heal from. Fabulous! Your body has been holding onto this for many years sometimes. That takes up a huge amount of energy. With the help of further homeopathic treatment you can work through those old symptoms and finally release them.


What needs to be treated first

You may seek treatment for a particular condition yet it may become clear others symptoms need treating first. For example, when you seek treatment for eczema and tell me you or your child also has asthma then focus of treatment needs to be asthma first. You can read in more detail about this HERE.


Stepping stones

Homeopathic treatment is a series of stepping stones. After each remedy the body responds by showing us the way – what needs to be treated next. This could be new symptoms or the same symptoms needing further help. We know where we want to get to, we can see the end goal – living symptom free. How many stepping stones, the gap between them and how many of them there are is different for everyone.

These stepping stones are your appointments. At the beginning of your treatment you may need appointments close together as your body adjusts to this kind of support. As time goes on and your body is showing signs of healing quicker and with less prompting from remedies your appointments may be further apart. Your body and what symptoms it’s presenting with will let us know.

We heal in seemingly unexpected ways

When you start homeopathic treatment, I know you are keen to see immediate and noticeable changes. You want to heal as quickly as possible. It can be disappointing if you don’t see changes in your symptoms within a few weeks. Other changes will very likely have taken place, often not in the place we are looking. Examples of this include improved sleep, less difficult digestion, aches and pains you have got so used to have disappeared, no more regular headaches. Your body is working hard to heal in the areas it needs to, and this can be un unexpected ways.


A time to review

Follow up appointments are an opportunity to review your symptoms AND your health in general. You may tell me your skin symptoms haven’t improved yet you are using your asthma inhaler less, or your digestion is much improved. This is your body telling us it needed to heal in these areas BEFORE it can focus on the skin. You are still healing.

Scheduling regular follow up appointments ensures you are receiving the consistent treatment which your body will respond to with even more efficient healing. Steady improvement rather than a stop start approach of intermittent appointments means your body is getting the right support at the right time. We can review progress and adjust your homeopathic prescription to fit your needs as they change over time. 

You can read more about what happens during a consultation with me HERE.


So much more than symptom free! 

 I want you to be symptom free. I also want you to feel happy and full of energy, to feel balanced and confident. This is so much more than living symptom free. This may take a little bit of time, but it is worth it. If you are ready to take the first step onto YOUR stepping stones then I am here to support you along the way.

If you would like to discuss your homeopathic treatment with me get in touch HERE.

I’m here to help you and your family live symptom free.