When you start looking for ways to heal eczema, homeopathy can offer you a natural, safe, non-addictive solution. You will possibly have lots of questions about how homeopathy can help you or your child. You may find the answers to some of your questions here.  

Q: Can homeopathy cure eczema?

A: Homeopathy doesn’t treat named conditions; it treats people who happen to be dealing with the symptoms of eczema. This is the same for any named condition. Whilst a diagnosis of eczema I am interested in what your specific symptoms are like and the impact this is having on your daily life.


Q: Do I continue using my eczema medications from my doctor?

A: Every homeopath works differently. When you start treatment with me, I ask you to continue your current medication and start the homeopathic remedies alongside. At follow up appointments we can assess your response to the remedies and review your changing symptoms. Based on this information we can review how to stop using your prescribed medications.


Q: How does homeopathy help my eczema?

A: Homeopathic remedies stimulate the healing process within the body. Remedies are prescribed based on your individual symptoms and overall level of health and health history. They remind the body that it can and wants, to heal. You were eczema free at a point in your life previously, and you can be again.


Q: How many appointments will I need?

A: This depends on your individual case. There are many factors which affect how quickly you will start to see improvements such as how widespread the eczema is, what medications you are taking and if you are dealing with any other health issues. To start with please commit to 4-5 appointments.


Q: Why do I need a follow up appointment?

A: Follow up appointments are a very important part of the healing process. Your healing is not a straight line from symptoms to no symptoms. A lot can happen on the way and your homeopathic prescription can be adjusted to support all the changes you are going to move through. To start with follow up appointments can be quite close together – every 3-5 weeks for example. As time goes on, the gap between appointments can get further apart. To continue the momentum of healing it’s important to commit to regular appointments. Leaving long gaps between appointments mid-way though treatment can delay or stall your healing.


Q: What happens in an appointment?

A: We talk about your symptoms. What they are like now, the impact they are having on your life, how long you have had them, when they started, and the medications you use now or have used to treat your eczema. I am also interested in what else is going on with your health and well-being. As I am treating you – the person who happens to be dealing with eczema – I am interested in who you are.


Q: Do you want to know about other health issues too?

A: YES! I want to know ALL about your current health and your health history.


Q: I have heard allergies are connected to eczema. Can you help these too?

A: Yes. Digestive health, allergies (food or environmental) often go hand in hand with eczema. Our skin health and digestive health is closely connected.


Q: What about asthma?

A: Homeopathy can help with the symptoms of asthma also. In many cases asthma symptoms may need to be addressed before the eczema can start to heal.


Q: I am not seeing any change in skin symptoms to start with. Is this normal?

A: Yes. Treating eczema with homeopathy is a very different process to using pharmaceutical based medications such as steroid creams. If you have used steroid cream, you may have noticed your skin start to look better very quickly – often within 24hours. Homeopathy works differently. We are encouraging the body to start the healing process itself. This can take a little longer as the body needs to be reminded it can heal and is able to heal.

If your body is stuck in a pattern of symptoms, it can take a little while for the body to start making visible changes. That doesn’t mean changes are not already happening, you may not be seeing them just yet.

Q: I’ve noticed other areas of my health improve first. Is this normal?

A: Yes. Often other areas of our health and wellbeing need to be addressed before the skin can start to heal. For example, if there are issues with your digestion and gut health this may need to be addressed first. If you are dealing with asthma as well as eczema then the focus at the start of treatment may need to be on the symptoms which are causing the biggest disturbance to health; this is often asthma.


Q: Will I need to take homeopathic remedies for life to manage my eczema?

A: No. Homeopathic remedies work to stimulate your body to heal itself. Once that has happened you no longer need to take remedies to manage your eczema. However, you may choose to continue to use homeopathy for your general health and well-being once your experience just how fabulous healing with homeopathy really is.


Q: Will I need to make lifestyle changes?

A: During your appointment we will look in detail at your life and explore some of the things which maybe contributing to your eczema. This may start with looking at diet and if there are any food groups which are making your eczema worse. Based on this information I may offer making changes to diet, your environment etc. These changes maybe short or long term with the aim of supporting your healing and speeding up the recovery time.

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