The homeopathic treatment of eczema is more than skin deep

A homeopath cannot “just” treat the skin. Each one of us is a complete and unique individual, not a collection of separate systems with each functioning independently of the other. During your homeopathic appointment I will ask lots of questions about your skin symptoms and also many more questions about you – your health history, your emotions, your lifestyle, how you feel about your skin symptoms and what was happening for you before you first noticed your symptoms. For young children and babies this will also include mum’s health before and during pregnancy and birth. Your answers give me an insight into who you are as a unique person and direct me to which remedies are the right ones for you.

We are all unique individuals

I treat many people for “eczema” yet each story I hear is very different, therefore each prescription may be very different even though each person is seeking treatment for the same condition. I am always very interested to hear what was going on in the weeks and months prior to your first symptoms.

To give you some examples of this, here is a snapshot of some recent cases. Each person came for treatment for eczema:

Case 1

10yr old girl. Eczema since birth. Very dry skin. Family history of eczema. Below height and weight for age. Multiple food allergies and constipation.

Case 2

1yr old boy. Eczema since 3 months old. Started after round of antibiotics for ear infection.

Case 3

65 yr old woman. No history of skin issues until 1yr ago. Intense itching and heat in specific areas. Skin feels very puffy and hot to touch. Unable to sleep at night due to itching. Around the same time family disagreements developed and patient felt very unhappy about what was happening.

Case 4

9yr old boy. Family moved to the UK 2 years ago from Central America. Eczema symptoms started 6 months after relocating. Little boy very unhappy and homesick – missing his grandparents and not settling well in new home.


The bigger picture

While, the conventional treatment for each of these cases would very likely be steroid cream,  as a homeopath I’m looking at the bigger picture. Why did the eczema start? What changed in that person’s life for the body to produce these particular symptoms? Finding out about events before the symptoms started gives me a clue – a direction – to follow.

Each story is different

As you can see from the snapshot of cases above each story is very different. Each person had eczema type skin symptoms – all very slightly different. One patient had dry skin which was very flaky, another had very red blister type bumps which got very hot. Alongside prescribing remedies which eased the skin symptoms (there are many remedies which can support your specific symptoms) I also prescribed remedies which supported the whole person and addressed what issues they were facing in their life.

For the cases above remedies for: 

Case 1 – digestion support

Case 2 – antibiotic detox

Case 3 – remedies to help with anger

Case 4  – remedies to help with homesickness

 All of these cases showed improvement in their skin symptoms AND emotional well-being.

Your body experienced a stress in some form – whether that be emotional, environmental, toxic – and to protect itself your body started producing symptoms for you to take notice of. These are your skin symptoms but just treating the skin symptoms is not going to heal the underlying reason and very likely when you encounter a similar situation again your body will signal to you – again – more skin symptoms. Working with a homeopath can help you uncover what may have been happening for your body to respond in this way.



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