Skin symptoms, in particular eczema are so often viewed as a topical condition affecting only the skin and unrelated to any other symptoms within the body. It depends on your view of health and whether you see your mind and body as connected or very separate, but time and again in my clinic I see the opposite: your emotions are very much linked with your skin symptoms.

Your emotions affect us physically in so many ways, and your skin symptoms are included in this.

As a homeopath, I simply cannot separate your physical symptoms from your emotions – ALL your symptoms are important when selecting remedies. To simply view your eczema as only affecting your skin can mean many important signs pointing to the root cause/or deeper imbalance are overlooked. Addressing the imbalance within the whole body can and does bring lasting relief to your eczema.

So many times clients tell me: 

“When I worry I know my skin will start to get really itchy”

“If I’m having a really stressful time at work,
my eczema flares up”

“I notice my child starts itching more when they
are upset or angry”

It can feel like a never-ending loop of  feeling stressed and anxious and your eczema flares up.

You feel stressed and anxious about your skin symptoms = more external stress = bigger flare up.

Treatment Options

You may have already noticed when you are stressed your skin symptoms get worse – what do you do? Increasing your medication for your skin symptoms may help the flare up temporarily. However, it isn’t addressing the reason behind the flare up – how you handle stressful times in your life. Life is stressful, we can’t change that BUT we can change how we deal with the stress.

Homeopathic treatment considers the WHOLE person.

Your physical symptoms and emotional state are both important considerations when selecting remedies. Emotional symptoms are very often viewed as more important than physical symptoms in situations like this – the emotion has triggered a physical response in your body. Ease the emotional symptoms and the physical symptoms clear up. Very often if we are unable to acknowledge our emotional state for whatever reason, our body will present us with a physical symptom we simply cannot ignore.

As a homeopath it’s my job to help you identify what might be going on.

I recently treated a lovely 7 year old boy for eczema. After 4 months of homeopathic treatment his skin had shown marked improvement. He no longer needed steroid cream to manage his symptoms and his skin was smooth and soft – no more dry patches. He had a follow up appointment with me 2 weeks into the start of his new school term. I could instantly see he was experiencing a flare up, patches of his skin look very dry and sore. His mum told me he was very itchy again. His symptoms had not returned with the same intensity as they had at the start of treatment, however he was not sleeping due to the itching and he was very uncomfortable.

This little chap was quiet and shy and found his new classroom noisy. He was not keen on going to school, preferring to stay at home with mum. She told me his skin was fine until he started back to school.

With this vital piece of information, I prescribed homeopathic remedies to help him ease back into school, to feel less anxious and feel OK when he was away from Mum.


A different child

10 days later Mum reported to me that his skin symptoms had cleared up within a few days of taking the remedy and he was much happier to go to school, she could see he was much more settled during school time.

On this occasion it was very clear to me this little boy’s eczema had flared up again as a way of his body signaling the anxiety he was feeling as he started school again after the summer break. Not only has his eczema cleared up, he is feeling more confident about dealing with new situations. That is a double win for this sweet child.

Homeopathy helps you heal physically and emotionally

YES – eczema is stressful.
YES – stress can contribute to your eczema symptoms.

If you would like to heal your skin symptoms AND cope with the stresses of life a little easier
homeopathy can help you with both  – gently and with lasting results.

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