Coughs are perhaps one of the most popular reasons people seek out homeopathic treatment

Coughs can feel daunting to find the right remedy for – but that doesn’t mean impossible. One of the key things to remember is acute (short lived) symptoms like coughs can change symptoms quickly sometimes; you may find you need several remedies to help the cough get better.

You have choice – finding the right remedy for you

There are many cough remedies to look at, each with different descriptions. In the homeopathic books used to find the most suitable remedy (a repertory) coughing has its own chapter which is 30 pages long!

Under the general symptom of coughing there are over 200 remedies listed.

That’s great news! It means there is a cough remedy or remedies which can help you. With the right remedy coughs respond beautifully to homeopathic treatment. I think what I am trying to say is that there is more to a cough, than “just a cough”.

And uncomplicated cough or something more?

Coughs can develop as part of a seasonal cold; often if a cold doesn’t clear up quickly or respond to lots of rest and care. Neglected coughs can develop into more complicated conditions involving chest problems.

If you find you have a persistent or chronic cough not as a result of a cold or flu symptoms this could be as a result of a more complex condition such as allergies, heartburn, frequent chest infections, passive or active smoking, asthma. These require constitutional treatment that takes into account your unique symptoms and health history.

Coughs and our emotions

Is there a connection between our emotions and a cough? Homeopathic treatment addresses ALL of your symptoms including emotional state. Have you ever found it difficult to express yourself fully and honestly? And then sometime later developed a cough, sore throat or lost your voice?

Talking over what was going on in your life prior to your symptoms can highlight a difficult emotional episode before you started to feel ill. This happened to a young teenager I was treating. By addressing the emotional turmoil she was experiencing the physical symptoms cleared up beautifully. You can read about it here.

Where to start?

How do I select the right remedy?

To treat an uncomplicated cough at home using homeopathic remedies you need to note down the symptoms of the cough. Your cough will have different characteristics to someone else’s cough. By noting these down you will have all the information you need to find the right remedy for your cough. 

Things to think about

In order to find the right homeopathic remedy for your symptoms you need to spend some time recording your symptoms. 

Is the cough wet or dry?

Where does it hurt?  The symptoms of the cough maybe in the pharynx (top of the throat), Larynx (throat down to the throat pit), bronchus (main tube in the lungs) or the bronchioles (smaller tubes within the lungs)

Which side hurts the most – Is the left or right of your body worse?

Sounds – Are they explosive, hacking, hoarse, hollow, racking, rattling, ringing, wheezy, suffocative?

Are there any other accompanying symptoms – Fever? Runny nose?

When is the cough worse or better?

What makes the cough worse or better?

You can find lots of information about some commonly used remedies in this next blog post…….Caring for coughs PART 2