Unspoken feelings – how homeopathy can help resolve a persistent cough brought on by emotional upset. 

This lovely case shows just how homeopathy can address the reason behind your physical symptoms.

A young teenager, Enid, came for treatment for a persistent cough that had been lingering for many weeks. The cough had developed very quickly over a school holiday and had been treated with homeopathic remedies at home. There had been a slight change in symptoms, but the cough was simply not getting better.

Friendship troubles 

During the appointment Enid started to tell me about the difficulties she was having a school with a girl in her class. The other girl was making life very difficult for Enid to the point of bullying her on a daily basis. Enid was a shy young lady and didn’t want to say anything to the other girl. However, it was clear she was very upset by the events. As she was telling me about what was going on and how she felt about it she started coughing. The more she coughed the worse each cough became. She was very upset.

I gave Enid the homeopathic remedy Ignatia, well known for helping with ailments brought about by emotional stress or grief.

Resolving a cough AND finding a voice

Enid’s cough eased soon after taking the remedy and continued to improve on the following days. Ignatia was repeated again in the subsequent weeks. Enid also informed her teacher about what was going on with the other girl in the class and got help resolving it.

Often if we find it difficult to talk about something in particular, our body will find a way of expressing our emotions in a way which may feel more manageable. A persistent cough is bothersome, but it may be a little easier to live with than an issue which is emotionally difficult to cope with. Homeopathic treatment can support you physically AND emotionally to work through difficult times.

If you would like to know how homeopathy can help you get in touch. I am here to help. 

Homeopathy. Helping you heal, naturally. 

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