Homeopathy for Gardening and DIY. Easing those aches, strains and sprains. 

The warmer months often means we turn our attention to our gardens and home improvement projects. The enthusiasm of DIY and gardening can often lead to aches, sprains, strains and accidents. Anything from aching muscles which we are perhaps not used to using, to scratches and puncture wounds from plants and garden waste, and damage to soft tissue due to DIY projects.

Here are the homeopathic remedies you can turn to for help at the end of a busy day in the garden or home improvement project.



Any injury with sore bruised sensation.

Joint pain, injury, sprains, strains – over exertion (at the end of a day working hard in the garden or in the home and you feel stiff, sore and bruised)

Bruising with swelling and lumps appearing quickly, especially soft tissue areas. Best given for bruising BEFORE the area starts to colour as this will reduce the typical colouring of bruises.

All Pains – bruised, sore.

 Symptoms WORSE for: Moving about, lying on injured area, for touch

Symptoms BETTER for: Resting

Rhus Tox

Inflammation of muscle tissue and muscle injury. Stiffness. No comfort found in any position, lots of moving around. Tearing of ligaments. Symptoms come on after kneeling, lying or sitting on damp ground. Twitching of muscles from over use.

Alternate with Ruta.

Symptoms WORSE for: first movement from resting with restlessness of the affected part.

Symptoms BETTER for: massage of the affected areas, for hot water (a shower or bath).


For cuts and wounds from knives or being stabbed. A single dose of 200c potency will help.

Bellis Perennis

Aches and pains come on after becoming overheated working in the garden then having very cold drinks.

Bruising with lumps and bumps.

Deep bruising. Use after Arnica has helped the bruising but a lump still remains. Particularly useful for injury to the breast.

Symptoms WORSE for: becoming chilled (internally or externally) after being overheated.


For cuts or wounds to encourage speedy healing. PAINFUL wounds. When the pain is out of proportion to the injury. Ensure the wound is clean with no sign of infection before giving this remedy. Clean any wound with HyperCal first.


Cuts, wounds, lacerations, crushed injuries particularly to nerve rich areas – fingers and toes, knees, elbows and mouth. Pains are shooting.

Lower back – especially pains/mild injury to the coccyx. Sore, bruised, shooting pains moving upwards from the injury location.

For painful cuts alternate with Calendula.

Symptoms WORSE for: cold, motion

Symptoms BETTER for: rubbing


Pains are sore, bruised and stitching which come on SLOWLY.

Backache, especially lower back.

Joint pain – stitching pains WITH swelling. Joints may look pale or red and will feel better for a tight bandage on the area. After a day of kneeling down in the garden your knees may be feeling sore, hot and tender.  There will be stitching pain when walking.

Maybe very grumpy with the symptoms and will not want any help, or company.

Symptoms WORSE for: the slightest of movement. All movement makes the symptoms much worse.

Symptoms BETTER for: Lying still, FIRM pressure, hot compress. 


Sore, aching, restless with extreme tiredness.

Healing tendons. Strains from heavy lifting or too much lifting. For stretching too far and too high on a step ladders! Arm strain.

Alternate wit Rhus Tox.

Pains in hands and feet with lameness.

Bruises to shins or over bones. PAINFUL

Symptoms WORSE for: lying on painful side, exercise, pressure, standing, walking.

Symptoms BETTER for: movement. 

How to take your remedy.

Start with 30c potency.

If symptoms do not start to improve in 2-3 hours assess the symptoms and look for a new remedy.

If you are unsure between 2 remedies alternate these remedies and assess symptom progress.

 If symptoms do not improve SEEK HELP.

Don’t forget remedies for puncture wounds from branches and thorns here.

If you forget to wear your hat or cover up when outside you may start to feel the effects of too much sun. The remedies here will help with this.

You can also try

  • HyperCal – Mother Tincture combination of Hypericum and Calendula. For cleaning any kind of wound. A natural alternative to antiseptic wash. 7-10 drops in a small amount of water, soak cotton wool in the solution and clean the wound before dressing. Order from HELIOS.

  • Traumeel  – a healing ointment containing homeopathic remedies for injuries and inflammation for humans and animals. Available HERE.

  • Epsom Salts – nothing beats a soak in a bath with several large handfuls of Epsom salts. If you don’t have a bath, make up a foot bath with warm water and add in 2-3 large handfuls of Epsom salts. Soak feet for 15-20 minutes.

  • Hot AND cold applications – for aches, pains and bruises alternating hot and cold compresses can ease the immediate pain and help to reduce swelling. Try both and see which is more comfortable.

  • Keep moving BUT gently. With severe bruises the tendency is to rest the bruised limb. If you can keep gentle motion as this will help the blood continue to circulate and encourage faster healing.

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