Enjoy summer knowing you have homeopathy to help you and your family.

After a long dark winter the excitement of long summer days with no need for coats or heavy clothes is very appealing. 

In the rush to make the most of the warm weather it’s easy to forget our body may not be used to sun and heat. Even in the early spring months there can be days of high temperatures and we are simply not prepared. We can experience heat stroke and sunburn if we don’t take sensible precautions. As the summer months continue and the heat rises, sunstroke can come on quickly- even when we think we are used to the heat.

Even with sensible measures when out in the sun – covering up, adequate water intake, staying in shade during the hottest part of the day, sun cream use  – it’s easy to get burnt or feel heat exhaustion. There are several homeopathic remedies which can help you and your family.

These suggestions do not replace sensible sun care. You know how long you can stay outside and at what time of day feels OK to be out and about. Some of us are more sensitive to the affects of the sun than others. Ladies, depending on where you are in you cycle your sensitivity to the sun may increase. This also applies to peri and menopausal women. Your tolerance of the sun may become greatly reduced as your hormones change.

Homeopathic remedies for sunburn and heat stroke you need to have: 


Sunburnt skin will look puffy and either red or pale pink. Skin will burn and sting.

Drowsy and irritable feeling.

Symptoms better for: cool air and cool applications

Symptoms worse for: WARMTH, touch and being fussed over.

Carbo Veg

Sunburn with exhaustion and mild dehydration.

Body will feel cold with heat in the head.

Symptoms WORSE for: Lack of fluids, restrictive clothing, feeling too chilled.

Symptoms BETTER for: Lying with feet up, cold drinks, being fanned – COOL AIR.


Sunstroke with great debility, trembling and irritability. All with a feeling of being drained by exposure in the sun. Inability to make any mental effort.


Sunstroke with light-headed, drowsy, droopy feelings. Unable to think clearly.

Eyelids will droop and make look drunk.

Face will look flushed (but NOT red). Weak pulse.

Will complain of feeling cold and chills up and down the spine.


Heat exhaustion after prolonged periods of time out in the sun with profuse sweating.

Great prostration with a flush dark red face. Will feel strained and grumpy.


Sunburn with stinging & burning pains.

Strong sensation of burning up inside which can also be accompanied by shivering and chilliness – think too much heat & sun stroke.

Raw, smarting pains in the skin and burns tend to blister with redness beneath.

Anxious, fretful and very irritable. Onset is sudden and violent.


Suffers from heat exhaustion very quickly. Complaints of “air hunger” and much weakness.

This remedy can be mistaken for Apis then Belladonna. The emotional state will help to determine this remedy. There is less irritability and more emotional distress with weeping and asking for help.

Those needing Pulsatilla are usually THIRSTLESS.


For those who have great sensitivity to sun exposure this remedy can be taken as a prophylactic – 30c 1 dose weekly.

There will be a greater tendency than most other people to burn easily and develop headaches from sun exposure.


Sunburn with bright red, dry skin. Skin will feel very hot, burnt and may throb.  (skin will be much redder than Apis)

Sunstroke with red flushed face, bounding pulse and delirium.

Symptoms come on rapidly. Burning heat in patches of skin which have been overexposed to sun.

Headache with severe throbbing in temples and forehead. May feel dizzy.

Symptoms WORSE for: Getting chilled, lack of perspiration, noise. Bending down or lying flat.

Symptoms BETTER for: Bending head backwards, light covering, rest.


Sunburn with itchy, flushed skin.

Symptoms develop suddenly after sun exposure.

Waves of throbbing, bursting headache. Visible throbbing of arteries in the neck.

Symptoms WORSE for: contact with an ice pack, bending head backwards, warmth directed at head, MOVEMENT. Any MOVEMENT will make the symptoms much much worse.

Symptoms BETTER for: rest head propped up, cool surroundings, cool fresh air.

How to take your remedy.

Start with 30c potency.

If symptoms do not start to improve in 2-3 hours assess the symptoms and look for a new remedy.

If you are unsure between 2 remedies alternate these remedies and assess symptom progress.

 If symptoms do not improve SEEK HELP.

Seek immediate help if you see the following: violent headache, vomiting, breathing difficulties, very rapid pulse, climbing fever about 103.5F and extreme drowsiness. 

You can also try

  • Urtica Urens cream – can help to take the sting out of burns of any kind. From HELIOS. 
  • Urtica Urens tincture – add to a cool bath or cool water and gently apply to the skin.
  • Calendula Cream or tincture – to soothe and heal burnt skin. From HELIOS.
  • Pure Aloe Vera gel – can reduce flushing and soreness. (Keep in the fridge for an extra cooling feeling)
  • If you are craving salty snacks in the heat then you are already dehydrated.
  • To replace essential salt in your body which you will have lost drink cool (not cold) water with half a teaspoon of salt.
  • If you have to hand, replace regular salt with NAT MUR tissue salts.
  • Do not drink ice cold water when you are feeling overheated. Ice cold water is too intense for an already exhausted body. Cool not cold.
  • Solaris Australian Bush Flower Essence combination from HELIOS – Add 7 drops of essence to 30ml of cool water and use as a topical spray is wonderfully healing on sunburn skin. Or take as drops in water.

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