Enjoy summer knowing you have homeopathy to help

As the weather warms up, we are spending more time outside enjoying what nature has to offer.

It’s inevitable we will come into contact with bugs and insects and very likely be stung or bitten by them as they go about their day. It happens, it can be painful and a bit of a surprise! Knowing which homeopathic remedies to reach for is a great help to ease the symptoms quickly, and effectively. 

Insects can be classified as venomous or non-venomous depending on how they bite or sting.

Venomous insects such as wasps, hornets, bees and ants attack as a self-defense mechanism. Stings from these insects can be painful and cause much swelling and, in some people, extreme reactions.

Non-venomous insects such as sand flies, fleas, lice, bugs and ticks bite in order to feed on blood. Whilst these bites are painful allergic reactions are rare, HOWEVER these insects may spread diseases which get into the blood stream and can cause complex health issues.

Thankfully, there are lots of great homeopathic remedies which can help  you and your family when you find yourself bitten or stung by our insect friends, or develop rashes or hives this summer.

Homeopathic remedies you need to have: 


Hypersensitive to pain. Emotional shock and/or panic that may arise after being stung or bitten.

Affected area will be swollen and look bruised.


Burning pains near the sting or bite. Sensation as if the skin is on fire. There maybe blistering.


Rashes, hives, redness and burning of the skin and great heat.

Red, itching skin with small inflamed patches, can be large or small.

Symptoms worse for: HEAT, movement, deep breathing.

Symptoms better for: pressure, fanning the affected area.

Rhus Tox

HIVES: Burning, itching, stinging.

Intensely itchy, small, blistery spots.

Symptoms worse for: cold, scratching. 

Symptoms better for: warm bathing, very gentle movement, rubbing the area. 



First choice remedy for STINGS (e.g. bees and wasps).

Affected area will be PALE PINK, PUFFY SWELLING and firm to touch in the centre. The swelling may become fluid filled.

Stinging and burning pains that are WORSE FOR ANY HEAT.

Hives. Large, pink, blotches that appear quickly.

Itchiness accompanied by stinging. A good choice for hives triggered by a sting.

Symptoms better for: cool air and cool applications

Symptoms worse for: WARMTH, touch and being fussed over.


Inflamed bites, stings, puncture wounds with nerve pain.

Lots of inflammation, in areas which have many nerve-ending (fingers, toes, eyes, lips). Pains are shooting or tearing sensation.

Alternate with Ledum where Apis does not resolve as quickly as anticipated.


Midge/Insect bites that are incredibly ITCHY and very SENSITIVE.

Pain will feel be sharp and stabbing. Touch is unbearable, even the lightest of clothes

Symptoms worse for: ANY touch.

Symptoms better for: warmth, and scratching.

Arsenicum Album

Small, itchy spots which feel like they are burning. BETTER FOR WARMTH.

Itching and burning much worse at night, which can lead to lots of anxiety and restlessness.

Symptoms better for: WARMTH, sitting up in bed, being distracted.

Symptoms worse for: getting cold, nighttime, lying on affected area


Stings & insect bites of any kind that are COLD TO TOUCH and feel numb.

Puncture wounds such as flea or mosquito bites, spider or snake bites. TICK BITES.

Redness and swelling with prickling pains around the affected area.

Symptoms worse for: heat

Symptoms better for: COOL applications, COOL air, uncovering the area

Urtica Urens

STINGS and HIVES with localized burning. Prickly heat, rash.  Area will sting and itch and hives may follow a sting (see Apis)

Rash can look like red, raised blotches with a near constant desire to rub the area.

Symptoms are worse for: contact with COOL air (compare Ledum and Apis which are better for cool applications), at night,

How to take your remedy

Start with 30c potency.
Take 1 dose (1 pill) and observe the symptoms. You can take up to 4 times per day. Stop taking the remedy as the symptoms start to improve.
If the symptoms are VERY intense and come up quickly take 1 dose and repeat hourly until symptoms start to improve.
If symptoms do not start to improve in 2-3 hours assess the symptoms and look for a new remedy.
If you are unsure between 2 remedies alternate these remedies and assess symptom progress.


NOTE: Please seek urgent medical advice if you see increasing swelling, signs of breathing difficulties, wheezing, or labored breathing. Noticeable puffiness to the eyes, lips, throat and/or face. Severe reactions to stings (anaphylaxis) MUST be dealt with promptly. 

If you know a member of your family does have extreme reactions to stings then please do get in touch for further guidance. There are remedies you can help to hand alongside other medications you may already have at home.

If you swelling increases and you start to notice red streaks see extra help from your homeopath as soon as possible.

You can also try

  • Miranda Castro Healing Gel for Bites and Stings. From HELIOS or MIRANDA CASTRO shop.
  •  Bee and wasp stings – try dabbing the area with cotton wool soaked in diluted vinegar.
  • Stings  – ensure the sting is removed from the puncture wound. Otherwise venom will continue to pump into the body until the venom sac is empty (this is attached to the sting).
  • Removal of Ticks – clean the area with HyperCal and use a tick removal tool or tweezers. Ensure you remove all of the tick. Go slowly and twist as you pull up.
  • HyperCal tincture – Hypercium and Calendula mother tincture. A wonderful natural antiseptic tincture. Add 5-10 drops into a small amount of cooled boiled water and clean the area. Order from HELIOS .
  • Hypericum/Calendula cream – applied to cuts, grazes, stings and bites. From HELIOS .
  • Bites & Stings. To protect against, use: Citronella oil externally & burn in the room. Eat lots of garlic daily and increase your intake of B vitamins.

If you are plagued by bites and stings during the summer months, year in year out then homeopathy can help you. Constitutional treatment will boost your immune system and address any underlying health issues making you a less desirable feast for the bugs and insects! Get in touch to find out more.