Homeopathy can help with symptoms of a common cold quickly and effectively so you can get back to feeling well again; not worry about lingering symptoms or your cold developing into something more complicated.


With a few homeopathic remedies you will be ready to deal with your symptoms as they develop. 

House keeping

Often we develop a cold and feel “OK” – we don’t feel “ill”. We may have the typical symptoms of a runny nose, sneezing but generally feel well and able to get on with our day. This is a sign that our body is having a good clear out. Our lymph and immune systems are very effective at clearing out rubbish from our body. The quickest way to remove this from our body is through sneezing, production of catarrh and coughing. Whilst these symptoms are not very pleasant, they are very effective at removing waste from our body.

If we can SUPPORT this process rather than stopping it, we can avoid more complicated symptoms at a later date. If we suppress these symptoms our body is not getting rid of built up toxins, viruses, bacteria.


Colds can develop in many different ways, with the main symptoms around the nose, sinus and throat. Symptoms developing beyond this – around the ear, chest, cough – then things are getting a little more complicated and those symptoms need to be looked at in detail too.

Typical symptoms include – sneezing and production of catarrh which can range from watery to thick and can block the nose. This may not sound very complicated however colds can cause a lot of discomfort and misery. 

Thankfully there are lots of wonderful homeopathic remedies which can help with your symptoms. Here are a selection of the more commonly used remedies and their indicators for use.

These remedies support the body’s natural process. If you body needs to have a cold then that is what is will do. Homeopathic remedies help the body work through the cold symptoms with less intensity and more quickly. SUPPORTING rather than stopping what the body needs to do. 



Symptoms develop AFTER exposure to cold air; sudden attack of cold with much sneezing.

Pain at the root of the nose and/or forehead, thin nasal discharge and blockage of nostrils; face is red and hot.

Very thirsty for large quantities of cold water and a desire to be in open air; restlessness and anxiety.


DRYNESS. Very dry nose, mouth and throat with sneezing which brings up mucus. Shooting and aching pains in the forehead.

Lips are dry and cracked – strong thirst for water.

Eyelids are sore, red and swollen.

Patient tends to be grumpy and does not want to be disturbed.

Cold threatens to travel to the chest.

Nux Vomica

Symptoms develop in cold, dry weather (or air conditioning). Starts with dry blocked up nose, heavy head and irritability. Then moves to sneezing and continuous watery mucus. Flushed and hot face. By evening the nose will be dry and blocked again.

Desire to be in a closed room with body wen-covered.

Allium Cepa

LOTS of sneezing, much worse in a hot room. Profuse, watery discharge from the nose as well as the eyes. Whilst the discharge from the nose is acrid (causing burning), from the eyes is bland.

The cold may be accompanied by irritating/painful cough which compels the person to grasp the throat. The patient is hot and thirsty and wants fresh air and headaches come on with the catarrh.


Profuse, bland discharge from the nose and severe acrid (burning) tearing, causing sore eyes.

The cold may descend to the larynx, causing day time cough. The patient feels better in open air.

Bursting headache, light sensitivity and frequent yawning.

How to take your remedy.

Start with 30c potency.

If symptoms do not start to improve in 2-3 hours assess the symptoms and look for a new remedy.

If you are unsure between 2 remedies alternate these remedies and assess symptom progress.

If symptoms do not improve SEEK HELP.

Arsenicum Album

Thin, watery discharge from the nose which can burn inside of the nose and top lip. Catarrh is less indoors but increases in open air (unlike Aconite, Allium Cepa, Euphrasia, Pulsatilla).

Bouts of sneezing with feeling of blocked up sinuses. Throat can be dry with a desire for frequent sips of cold water. There is inexplicable prostration, fear and anguish.

Natrum Mur

Cold develops with violent sneezing followed by fluent thick discharge (think egg white) from the nose. Tickling sensation in the nostrils.

Aching in the cheekbones. Eyes feel puffy and dry.

May develop cold sores with the cold. Emotionally withdrawn and tearful.


CHANGEABLE symptoms.

Mucus can be fluid or thick, clear, yellow or green. Usually bland with little irritation. Discharge always worse in the morning and evenings.

All symptoms are much worse for being in a hot stuffy environment.

Frontal headache, and feeling muddled. Usually Thirstless.

Tendency to be weepy and clingy.

With a supported immune system, you are able to deal with cold symptoms quickly and with less impact on your daily life. Homeopathic remedies cannot stop you getting ill however they can ensure you suffer less and symptoms do not develop into anything more complicated.

Other ways to help your symptoms.


These may seem like very simple and obvious suggestions; however, they do work!

  • REST. REST.REST. Give yourself some time to rest and allow your immune system to do its job. Resting up at the onset of a cold very means it doesn’t linger or develop into something more complicated.
  • Vitamin C and Zinc. Ideally 2 x 500mg daily. Vitamin C is water soluble so will excrete out of your body if too much is taken on 1 dose. So little and often doses mean your body will make more efficient use of it.
  • Keep your fluids up. Ideally water. Staying hydrated is essential for a well-functioning immune system and eases any headaches or sore throats.
  • Sore nose? Calendula cream is super soothing.
  • What are you eating? Sugar and processed foods are NOT going to support your immune system. Simple wholesome foods to support your body. If you are feeling congested, reduce mucus producing foods – in particular diary and orange juice.
  • Echinacea tincture. When you notice first sniffles or sneezes a few days of this tincture will support your immune system so you are able to work through your symptoms quicker.

    You can read more about supporting your immune system HERE.

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