With the autumn approaching our attention turns to boosting our immune system in preparation for the “inevitable” colds and flu type symptoms.

I say “inevitable” as so many of us assume at some point we will come down with a cold – or more – over the autumn and winter months. This year particularly we are all approaching the cooler months with concern about what kind of symptoms will come up.

Along with homeopathic remedies to support you and your family I am going to share with you lots of ways you can help your immune system.

We are at war!

Treating winter ailments with homeopathy can help you recover quickly without the need for strong prescription medication such as antibiotics or rushing to the chemist to spend huge sums of money on various OTC medications available. And there is a huge array of medications you can buy to “fight” cold and flu. If we believe the mainstream media and advertising for these medications, we are at “war”.  We are led to believe the slightest sneeze or sniffle is a sign we are weak and need protect ourselves from invading viruses, bacteria that are out to do damage our delicate body. 

There is no guarantee we will “come down” with a cold or any other type of illness. Our body comes into contact with many different types of virus, bacteria and pathogens on a regular basis – there is nothing we can do about this. How we respond is dependent on how well our body can process these. This is the job of our immune system. It’s our cleaning system.

Less Fight, more Balance

I’d like to think about this slightly differently. To approach the autumn and winter months will less hostility as to what dangers we will encounter. Perhaps we can support our body, to boost our immune system so we are able to live in harmony with our environment.

Our modern lifestyle does not always adapt to the changing seasons so easily. We spend much of our time in heated buildings and very little time outside. We don’t tend to “eat with the seasons” as previous generations did as we can now buy all types of food all year round.

Instead of adopting the protect and defend approach maybe we can think about harmony and balance? 

How can we support our immune system?

HOW our body responds is dependent on how balanced we are. There are lots of ways we can encourage our body to stay balanced and at ease. This way we are supporting our immune system so allowing it continue doing what it does so well. It’s that efficient we don’t even know its busy most of the time. It’s only when we start to notice symptoms of a cold for example, that we realise our immune system maybe struggling.

When a cold is a good thing

A short-lived cold is often a wonderful clearing out. Those times when we don’t feel “ill”, we have a runny nose and sneezing. It’s the immune systems way of having a good clear out – let it. Support the body and let it do what it needs to do.

When to take action

The difference between a “simple” cold and when we start to feel ill with other symptoms is the time to take action. Here we have homeopathy to help us. To continue supporting the body and encouraging it to heal quickly. Remember homeopathic remedies support your body. They allow the body to work through the symptoms quickly and with less intensity.

Along with homeopathic remedies to support yourself and your family there are lots of other ways you can support your immune system. No one can promise you won’t get ill. However, by supporting yourself  in some very simple ways you will give your immune system a helping hand.




If you are looking for homeopathic help to supoport your immune system over the coming months, book a 15 minute chat with me to find out more.