Sore throats can range from a slight tickle and irritation through to feeling red, burning, stinging and swelling. Throat infections  – strep throat/tonsillitis – “viral sore throat” are often treated with antibiotics which often only provide temporary relief. This can lead to repeated throat infections with increasing severity.

Natural treatment to help your with sore throats, strep throat & tonsillitis

There is help available for the many symptoms of sore throats and to break the seesaw of suppressive antibiotics / tonsillitis. Homeopathic treatment at home can help uncomplicatedacute – symptoms and working with a homeopath can help restore the imbalance of repeated illness. 

Tonsils – our first line of defense 

Our tonsils are an essential part of our immune system. Think of them as the guardians of the entrance to our immune system. They are positioned on the doorstep from the outer world to the inner world of our body. They can gather up waste  and help the immune system to eliminate it. If they become swollen they are doing their job filtering and eliminating, protecting the rest of the body. 

Treating sore throats and swollen glands at home – naturally

There are several homeopathic remedies which you may find useful for treating throat symptoms. Remedies such as Apis, Belladonna, Hepar Sulph, Lachesis and Merc Sol have been used many times to ease symptoms. When looking for a homeopathic remedy how YOU feel is important. Your symptoms may be very different to someone else.

Is your throat dry, or puffy ?



What colour is your throat?

Is there anything which makes your symptoms worse or better?

All of these symptoms will guide you towards a suitable remedy. Individual symptoms are important in finding the right homeopathic remedy. 

When to seek help

If, after 3 days, your symptoms are not showing signs of improvement seek help. If your symptoms become more severe within that time – seek help. Severely inflamed tonsils along with thickened membranes and difficulty breathing may indicate the streptococcal infection quinsy. This is not a condition to be treated at home. 

Recurring tonsillitis and sore throats? 

Do you experience recurring sore throats, strep throat, swollen glands or “viral sore throat”? There is often an underlying hereditary pattern of illness which is causing a weakness in this particular area of the body. This inherited tendency towards particular illnesses can be addressed with treatment with a professional homeopath – constitutional treatment.

Multiple rounds of antibiotics only to find you are still suffering? 

Antibiotics are regularly prescribed for tonsilitis/strep throat. In many cases throat symptoms are viral and not bacterial so making the use antibiotics ineffective. If bacterial you may have found the antibiotics do their job very well, only to find as soon as the course has finished the symptoms return – and often more severe. You are caught in an ever decreasing loop of throat infections and tonsilitis. This is damaging to your overall health in many ways and can lead to increasingly frequent illness and more difficult to treat chronic conditions – otitis media, recurring and lingering coughs and colds with near permanent swelling of glands, ashmatic breathing, kidney infections, and UTI’s, glandular fever (mono). Repeated rounds of antibiotics suppresses the body’s natural behaviour to expel unwanted substances and  weakens the immune system. 

If you find you are caught in this loop of repeated sore throats and swollen glands you can address this with homeopathic treatment. This is not a short lived – acute- illness and does require individualised, constitutional treatment. You can treat the immediate symptoms at home with some well selected remedies. To re-set this loop of illness work with a professional homeopath to bring your body back to balance. 

What is special about the throat? 

How is the throat connected to our emotional well-being and development? 

In The Bodymind Workbook, Debbie Shapiro talks about our throat as the place where….

 “…..we swallow our reality, where we take in life through breath, food and water. And also where we release our feelings from our heart through our voice.” 

Not everything we swallow is palatable, nourishing, helpful, comfortable. 

“When we are having to swallow a reality we do not want to, we may find our throat becoming inflamed and sore.”

Is there something in your life you are finding difficult? Uncomfortable? Is there something you are trying to find the right words to say?  Read this post to discover how homeopathic treatment helped a young teenager overcome a persistent cough which was triggered by an emotional upset.

Homeopathic treatment looks at all of your physical symptoms and spends time looking at your day to day life too – your emotional well-being is vital to your overall health. As a homeopath I take into account your physical and emotional health when prescribing remedies so you can live your life to the fullest. 

Are you suffering with sore throats or swollen glands? You can feel better. Homeopathy can help you. Please do get in touch to find out how.