Know what you can treat at home and when to get some extra help. 



  • Conditions and health problems which are often seen as part of everyday life – including minor injuries and first aid situations.
  • Bacterial and some viral infections.
  • Conditions which develop as a result of an external influence on the body – i.e. symptoms develop after being out in the cold and wet.
  • These conditions usually come on quickly – within hours or days.
  • Conditions which have a specific, limited time span.
  • If symptoms do not resolve on their own or within 3-4 weeks of treatment the condition is no longer acute.
  • Given the appropriate support, including rest and care will clear up of their own accord (self-limiting).  

The stages of Acute illness:

INCUBATION (no symptoms)

ACUTE Phase (very clear symptoms – here is where you can use homeopathic remedies to aide the body in working through the illness)


 How can I treat acute symptoms?

  • Book an acute treatment appointment with me. 
  • See a professional homeopath through HOMEOPATHY 247. 
  • Use your home prescribing kit and books. (download a free book list). If you need assistance selecting an appropriate remedy book an acute call with me.
  • Read more about a homeopathic home prescribing kit here.
  • If you have tried several remedies and had some improvement or no improvement then its time to get some help. Book your acute appointment. 
  • If after 24 hours of using homeopathic remedies at home and the symptoms are getting worse then seek help straight away. 

Download your FREE homeopathic booklist here. 


  • Long standing – you have had the symptoms for month and years with no improvement.
  • There is an ongoing state of gradual decline – the body is unable to correct this on its own.
  • There could be an underlying genetic reason for the condition.
  • Symptoms come and go over time – sometimes they are not present at all but then can return more severe
  • (Flare ups of chronic conditions are often called “sub acutes”, do not confuse them with an acute illness as explained above).

How can I treat a Chronic condition?

  • Book an appointment for a full consultation.
  • Your symptoms and health history will be discussed in detail and a treatment plan will be developed specifically for your individual needs.
  • Find out more here.
  • Or book a FREE 15 minute call with me to discuss your health needs – here.

Seeking help for your long standing health issues is referred to as constitutional treatment. Your overall health and well-being and health history is looked at in detail. Remedies are prescribed specific to your needs and symptoms. Overtime your symptoms are eased and your overall health is improved. Those long standing health complaints improve and you find you are less prone to regular acute illnesses.