I encourage all of the people I work with to start becoming familiar with homeopathic remedies for home use.

Why? For many reasons.

You are very likely working with me for help with chronic, long standing symptoms. However, we all get ill with things like coughs, colds, tummy upsets or have accidents. As your constitutional treatment progresses you may find you recover from these acute illnesses much quicker however we still get ill and need to look after ourselves.

If you have a home remedy kit you have access to key remedies at any time of the day or night. 

I work with people all over the world and with the time difference in some locations it may not be convenient to get in touch with me immediately. Or you may feel ill during the night or weekend. 

When we do speak for help with acute symptoms you may need to order the appropriate remedy from a homeopathic pharmacy, that can take a couple of days to arrive. With acute symptoms you need the remedy in that moment. If you have a remedy kit at home you can treat symptoms straight away – at any time – yourself. 


I particularly love the Helios 36 remedy kit.

I have had mine for years and it has served me well. It packs a HUGE amount of healing into 1 small blue box. Compare the cost of buying this kit with the cost of OTC medications. Over the years I have had this remedy kit I have saved hundreds of pounds not buying cough medicine, fever medicine, pain relief, nausea tablets, travel sickness relief, bite and sting cream – the list goes on and on. I also know I am not suppressing symptoms the body is trying to express. By using homeopathy  I know I am working WITH the body to heal not against it.

I have also bought myself peace of mind that I know I have a vast medicine cabinet inside one small box which I can access at any time, any place, anywhere! You have peace of mind that you can treat yourself and your family for acute symptoms – you don’t need to wait for the chemist to open, or find an all night chemist in your area.


Having a small remedy kit like the Helios 36 remedy kit means you are able to treat acute conditions from home. You will have remedies which can help with things like bites and stings, bruises, colds, constipation, earache, headache, jet lag, nosebleeds and travel sickness. The list goes on and on. The types of things you would turn to your medicine cabinet for can be treated with a home remedy kit.  


You are caring for yourself and your family. You have a box of remedies which allows you to take control of your family’s health and well-being. That is priceless.

You can order your remedy kits from here: 



Or you can order from me at Rachael Riches Homeopathy. 

Here are the very first remedy kits I bought many years ago. Well used and a little neglected as you can see. These boxes are how I discovered just how much homeopthy can do ! So much love here (even though I don’t use them quite as much as I once did!). 

If you have any questions about buying a kit or how to get started get in touch. I am here to help. 

Homeopathy. Helping you heal, naturally.