Our lives are busy, perhaps too busy sometimes ensuring everyone else is cared for, their needs are met, both emotionally and physically.

Ups and downs of everyday life

I treat a lot of children in my clinic which means that I get to know a lot of parents —and that mostly means I meet a lot of mums. Over the months I get to see how your health ebbs and flows, at some appointments the you look well, happy and full of energy. Other times I see you looking tired, frustrated and close to tears.

It’s hard work when your child is recovering from a chronic illness; you’re working 24/7, often with very little sleep and you may have other children to care for also.

We keep going

When we are exhausted and run down everything can start to feel overwhelming, but as a parent you keep going as there are children to care for and jobs to be done. These feelings very often don’t go away just because we have put them to one side for now.  You may start to feel like you SHOULD be able to cope with everything and there may just be something wrong because you are finding life a bit much at times.

You may not notice you are feeling overwhelmed. You know you don’t feel quite right but so often you are too busy to notice; and you may have been living with these symptoms for so long they feel normal.

A helping hand

Homeopathic treatment can support you during these busy times. Remedies can help you physically and emotionally to restore the feeling of balance and calm. Treatment won’t remove the stress in your life (stress is part of our lives), BUT it can help you cope a little better, along with :

Improving your sleep

Reducing anxiety

Help you make decisions with clarity

Feel less frustrated

Reduce headaches

Improve digestion

Boost your energy

Reduce anger

These are some of the symptoms people tell me they experience when they talk about feeling overwhelmed/stress/not themselves.

Homeopathic remedies

Here is a glimpse of some the homeopathic remedies, I’ve prescribed to women who come to me for help with overwhelm/stress/life balance. I have had many of these remedies prescribed to me over the years for this very reason.

Natrum Mur – bottling up emotions, rejecting sympathy as if feelings embarrassing and makes you tearful. Will not want to cry in front of people

Carcinosin – you never say no to any request as you don’t want to upset anyone, so you take on more and more jobs. Too much responsibility, and you hear yourself say “I’m fine” many times when you know you are not.

Staphysagria –  This is a wonderful remedy when you are angry and frustrated but you are holding it all in. Like the remedy Carcinosin, you never say no, but you can feel the pressure building up inside. Eventually you may snap and have a big emotional outburst or get ill and need to go to bed for a few days.

Sepia – you feel exhausted and run down but keep going. Thinking and decision making can feel difficult and you would like to be left alone to just sit in the peace and quiet. If you can, you feel much better for doing some strenuous exercise – dancing, a spring-clean, a long energetic walk.

Ignatia – You find you are suddenly overwhelmed with emotions and burst into tears a lot. Very often this remedy is needed after an emotional shock or upset, after you have had bad news for example. You feel like you are on an emotional roller coaster – your low moods are very low and then you feel OK again, but the emotions suddenly take over like a wave and you find you are crying and not sure why.

Nux Vomica – Irritability and fault finding with everyone and everything. Burning the candle at both ends – work, home, always on the go with never any time to rest. You find you are drinking coffee during the day to keep going and a glass of wine in the evening to relax.

Arsenicum Album – constant worry which keeps you awake at night. Worry about finances and health particularly. Obsessively neat and tidy.


Physical and emotional symptoms improved

Each of these remedies also helps many of the physical symptoms you may be experiencing. I have found by addressing emotions with homeopathic remedies, the physical symptoms settle down too, for example those headaches ease away, you find you sleep better and start to wake up refreshed, your PMT improves.


During follow up appointments we discuss what has changed since taking the remedies. Very often the events of your life remain the same – work, family life, care for sick children and family. What has changed is how you respond to, cope with these things.

Back to balance

I know from my own experience of being overwhelmed that once I felt I was more balanced emotionally, the physical symptoms improved very quickly. Those which took a little longer, PMT symptoms for example, felt more bearable as I was coping with the day to day so much better.

Read about Charlotte and how she found balance again with homeopathy.

Talk it over

Talking over what may be going on with someone often helps give clarity to what you are going through, but I don’t recommend self-diagnosis and treatment for these kinds of symptoms. When you book consultation, the homeopath is there just for you, asking about you, how you are feeling. It’s your time, that in itself is worth so much. Very often just being able to talk and share how you feel can shift your feelings into something easier to live with. So often I hear “Thank you, it’s great to just talk to someone about this.”

Your first appointment is between 60 and 90 minutes and follow ups are 45 minutes. 

All that time and space just for you. It’s your time and I’m here for you.

What do you need help with today?


Book a 15 minute chat with me and find out to feel great again. I look forward to working with you soon.