Charlotte (I have changed her name for this case study) came to see me last year asking for help with her “overwhelm”. Charlotte is a mum in her 40s, running her own business, with a family and a busy, full life. Four years ago she realised she was depressed.  It was a massive surprise to her as she felt she had no reason to be depressed.

Her GP prescribed low dose anti-depressants but she felt like she was living on “auto-pilot” and experiencing a “fake happiness”. With guidance from her GP she came off the tablets but couldn’t shift the underlying anxiety she felt. She knew she didn’t want to take anti-depressants again but the anxiety was getting worse and affecting all aspects of her life.

Charlotte had been living with these feelings for years before she had her first homeopathic consultation with me. She talked me through the details of how it affects her day to day living.  Sometimes she didn’t have the energy to think about what to feed her family after a busy day working at her business. She wished she didn’t have to think about cooking the tea, keeping the house clean, putting a wash on, checking her children have done their homework, walking the dog. She was very reluctant to ask for help from her partner as she hated the feeling that she was nagging, he was busy too. Reminding the kids to tidy their rooms felt like too much sometimes.

Angry and frustrated

Charlotte was exhausted, grumpy, frustrated and was beating herself up with negative self-talk that she should be able “do it all”. She was feeling angry and frustrated. She told me life “feels like a pack of cards” – everything was holding together, but only just. There was no “me-time” and or down time with the family just hanging out and relaxing.

Charlotte needed a lot of sleep, but was constantly waking up at 4am feeling tense and couldn’t get back to sleep. Her diet was not varied and she was drinking too much tea and coffee during the day to keep her energy levels up. Her PMT symptoms were getting progressively worse each month. She felt very moody, drained and would become tearful very quickly.

I gave Charlotte remedies to help her specific symptoms –  and she had some great results within the first few days and week of taking it.

More balanced

Charlotte explained that she felt better within days of taking the remedies. She told me she felt “good”, “more balanced”, and very “positive”. Her sleep improved, no more 4am waking and was now waking up feeling refreshed around 6:30am.

The great thing was she had been able to ask for help. She had talked to her family and explained she needed help around the house. She was really surprised that everyone was very happy to do their bit. Charlotte began to see the good qualities about herself again!

She began to feel excited about her business and now, with her families support, she was looking to expand her business – something she had been longing to do but simply didn’t have the time. Even her PMT symptoms had improved to the point she could cope with them and they no longer dragged her down. 

Feeling good again

Charlotte was able to find time to look after herself once more – walking the dog didn’t feel like a chore anymore, it was a chance to get relax and take a moment after a busy day.  What a difference that is!

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Your outlook is part of your health

Charlotte’s life was still busy and full, perhaps even busier as she was expanding her business. What had changed is Charlotte’s outlook, her ability to cope and a big part of that for her was asking for help from her family, and acknowledging that is NOT a sign of failure. It has freed her from frustration and anxiety of feeling like she has to do everything herself.

We all experience stress in different ways. How we respond to stressful situations may differ as do which particular aspects of our lives trigger stress responses in us. What we often don’t realise is that you can change this!

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