Your body’s largest organ – your skin – plays an important role in eliminating toxins from the body. It releases any toxins/ waste material which are water soluble as sweat. If other elimination channels are weak, or the toxic load for them is too great (often due to over use of medication, in particular antibiotics), the skin starts to eliminate more than water soluble waste. This is when we start to see changes in our skin such as inflammation, itching and redness – and reach for creams and lotions to treat it. But we need to look beyond the surface find out what is going on.

Treatment to soothe skin symptoms, support elimination channels and reduce toxic load is possible with homeopathic remedies. They do not need processing by the body as some detox treatments do, which means they do not increase the workload of an already overworked liver.

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4 elimination channels.

Bowels – removes food waste, waste from lymph and waste your liver has cleansed from your blood

Lungs  – eliminates any waste that can be converted to a gas  – carbon dioxide

Kidneys & Bladder – removes cellular waste as they clean the blood

Skin – eliminates waste as we perspire

Your body is signaling that something needs addressing and applying cream is not the solution.

If any of these channels are not working efficiently, waste material is not eliminated. It is re-absorbed back into the body and starts to look for new exit routes. Eczema symptoms are a sign that your body is trying to eliminate from your skin rather than another channel. Predominantly our skin starts to take over when our bowels, lymph and liver are weak or sluggish which is very common.

Your body is working well at letting you know normal activity is not happening internally. Applying topical medication to address this works for a while as the symptoms disappear. But it is also blocks your skins pores, stopping it from what it wants and needs to do – sweat and release those toxins. The last large exit route for these toxins is closed – they have nowhere to go other than remain in your body.

Healing from the inside out with homeopathy addresses the root cause of your eczema symptoms.

 There are particular homeopathic remedies which support the various elimination organs, for example Chelidonium, known to support the liver. A particular a group of remedies – bowel nosodes – work to rebalance the gut flora and digestive tract hence of great importance for eczema care. They are tolerated by those who have difficulty taking probiotics as they are not live strains of bacteria.

In addition, to these targeted organ support remedies, constitutional treatment with remedies which match the WHOLE person tap deep into the body’s innate desire to heal and stimulates this. No side effects, simply deep transformational healing driven by the body to heal itself.

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