“C” came to see me for help with her son, a very happy 14 month old boy – “O”.  O had started with eczema at 5 months old, but C told me that “Up to that point, O had perfectly clear skin”. It started in the spring, so mum wondered if it was related to seasonal allergies but O’s skin symptoms continued past the spring, into summer and autumn.  His symptoms started across his back – as you can see from the photo here.

Mum’s first port of call was the doctor who diagnosed ringworm and prescribed an antifungal cream. However, O’s skin become an angry red after the first application and mum stopped using the cream immediately. The rash did not improve.


Over the next few months mum and dad kept a food diary noting any changes in his skin as solids were introduced to O’s diet. They noticed dairy products made his symptoms worse and certain foods made O very constipated.

The creams didn’t help

O’s parents were not keen on using steroid cream for his eczema due to the long-term side effects of using this kind of medication.  Like many parents, they had concerns about using this kind of medication on their baby’s for any amount of time. 

They found a natural cream (containing honey, almond oil, beeswax) which helped a lot but didn’t clear it completely; and as the weeks passed the cream was not helping at all.

That’s when I meet O and his mum. This is what his skin looked like at his first appointment. The eczema is worse on his bottom, his back, inside of his elbows and behind his knees – red, circular, rough patches.

Other than his skin symptoms, O was a very happy little boy, generally very healthy. He has had the odd sniffle which has cleared up well on its own. Mum told me it was difficult to get O to sleep – taking a lot of bouncing, rocking and nursing.

Mum noticed his skin gets worse when he is teething. 

During the appointment I asked about family medical history – mum had a history of eczema a child, as did other family members and along with diary allergies.

 I prescribed Calc Carb weekly along with a remedy to help the family history of skin issues – a homeopathic nosode.

Follow up appointment

Four weeks later at the follow up appointment Os skin looked like this. His head, face, neck, upper back and arms were clear and mum told me she noticed his symptoms clear from the top of his body in a down ward direction.  His lower back and bottom are clearing well, and just a few spots left behind his knees.

This is O’s skin at follow up appointment.

O has more teeth coming through again, and is dealing with it much better.

Mum also reported he is settling to sleep easier too.

Remedy – Calc Carb weekly.

A couple of weeks later I had an email from mum telling me the back of his legs are now clear. His lower back is still healing. All this within 8 weeks and 2 remedies!

The case is ongoing and life free of eczema is looking very likely for O. A fantastic outcome for O and his family. Mum stopped using any creams, natural or otherwise. Not only is Os eczema clearing fantastically well he is sleeping better (so mum and dad are more well rested) and teething is far less problematic for him.

 Steroid cream is not the only option for eczema.

 Your doctor will tell you the only option is steroid cream. It will not “cure” the eczema, only ease the symptoms. At what cost? A lifetime of applying cream to your children, quite likely needing more and more as the cream becomes less effective. 

There are other healthcare options available – homeopathy can help your child heal from eczema. As the mum in this case has found out for herself.


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