Read about how homeopathy is helping a child get better from years of illness

“A” is 7 years old and developed her first cold at 6 months old. I first met “A” mid-December 2019 when her Mum brought her to see me for help with various long term health issues. Her main symptoms included chronic catarrh, congestion, coughs and colds —all of which can develop into Bronchitis.

Multiple illnesses and multiple medication

She has had many diagnoses of: Bronchitis, Rhinitis, Croup, Otitis Media with ruptured ear drums, Sinusitis, Suppurating Otitis, Wheezing, Respiratory Infection, Allergic Rhinitis, regular fevers, coughs, colds, chelitis. “A” is also a chronic mouth breather, with enlarged tonsils and adenoids, and many environmental allergies.

She has had over 25 prescriptions of steroids, antibiotics, antihistamines, Tylenol and bronchodilators since she was 6 months old!

Never getting better

Her symptoms had been getting progressively worse with each winter. “A” falls ill very quickly developing high fevers. She never seems to be clear of one round of illness before she starts with something else.  It had gotten so bad that her paediatrician was recommending the removal tonsils and adenoids as a next step.

 One of the biggest issues for her was how much mucus there seemed to be. It was constant day and night, she needed a bowl near her bed to spit the mucus into, and often vomited if she swallowed too much of it. 

It was exhausting for “A” and her family. All in all, a difficult situation for the whole family and very worrying. “A” is otherwise a happy little girl, affectionate, and friendly. She wanted to play with her pals, and not be off school with illness or worrying about developing yet another cough, cold, or chest problem.

Nothing seemed to be helping. Until now

 First, “A” needed help with her immediate symptoms – copious catarrh, cough, cold and high fevers. I prescribed acute remedies focusing on these symptoms. As soon as “A” felt better we moved forward with treatment to address the underlying reasons for her symptoms.

“A’s” treatment included constitutional remedies specific to her health history, emotional state and temperament along with organ support remedies. I also prescribed a Homeopathic Detox Course to help remove the medications she had been taking over the years from her body. You can read more about detoxing with homeopathy here and why it is beneficial for your health.

HDT (Homeopathic Detox Therapy) is a bespoke treatment program which helps the body to remove medications which could be compromising your level of health due to toxicity or side effects. They are often prescribed over a period of 8 weeks. As part of the service I offer a catch-up mid-way through to assess progress. 

Dealing with flare ups of symptoms

At the 4 weeks catch up mum reported to me that “A” had developed a fever, cough and cold that week. We stopped the detox and dealt with these symptoms with acute remedies. Once these had resolved the detox course continued. 

Noticeable improvements

On completion of this detox course Mum reported “A” no longer had a cough and her nose was no longer blocked. What mucus was present was now clear and not the yellow/green colour it had been for many months. Mum also commented on how much more energy “A” had.

Next stages on the road to recovery

Over the following weeks I prescribed an antibiotic detox course, along with remedies to support digestive health and mucus production.

BIG news!

At the start of the 4 week catch up as part of the detox course I could see straight away Mum had some very exciting news to report – her smile said it all!

NO MUCUS. No more catarrh, NOTHING!!

Mum told me there had been the odd sniffle. If “A” had been outside in the cold without a coat on she noticed a runny nose. However, these had not developed into a full cough, cold and high fever which is what used to happen.

“I am so so happy for my little girl”.
Mum was over the moon. 

Further positive changes:

No more mouth breathing – at all!

“A” was able to breath through her nose for the first time in years.

It’s the start of “allergy season” for “A” which usually means further misery on the back of a winter of illness.

So far, NO ALLERGY symptoms.

This is a huge amount of healing in 4 months. It’s fantastic news.

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