During a homeopathic consultation I look at your health history in depth and review any medications you may have taken. Depending on the frequency and type of medications, it can be helpful to detox these products from your body as they could be impacting on your health and well-being and slowing your recovery down. Patients often tell me their eczema symptoms started soon after repeated rounds of antibiotics; or they experienced a flare up after exposure to mould or environmental pollutants. Detoxing the body using homeopathic remedies is a quick and efficient.

It’s Personal

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I take time to look at your health history in detail. The more information you give me the better opportunity I have in selecting remedies specific to YOUR needs. Because we are all individuals, some people are more sensitive than others to toxic overload; this can depend on factors such as environment and lifestyle and will determine what is necessary to detox. It may be necessary to undergo several detox programs over a period of a few weeks and months.


A detox with homeopathy involves remedies prescribed for your specific needs. Drainage remedies are also given to ensure the body removes the toxins in the right way – through your bowels and kidneys.


You may also be prescribed a constitutional remedy to boost your immune system and enhance your bodies innate need to heal.

No extra processing

That may sound like a lot of work for your body to undertake however homeopathic remedies are not processed by the liver so the body is able to focus on detoxing only. Homeopathic remedies are selected on your individual needs alone. They will encourage the body to eliminate targeted toxins only and not a whole system detox which can often happen with herbal or supplement based detox programmes.

Detoxing with homeopathy can help clear
the body of medications and toxins such as:

Steroids (oral and topical)


Birthing drugs (mum and baby)





Heavy metals


These are by no means the ONLY detox programmes possible,
however those with eczema symptoms may find this detoxes particularly beneficial.

Detoxing with homeopathy is safe and very gentle, so all ages are able to benefit. If you would like to know about how this can help your symptoms book a FREE 15 minute chat with me. I look forward to hearing from you soon.