Our skin – an indicator of emotions.

I am often asked Can my emotions affect my eczema?”

I hear comments like “When I get really stressed my skin breaks out in hives, I start to itch, my eczema gets worse”.

I know from my own experience when I am going through a particularly stressful period, my skin symptoms start to flare up – those telltale small red, flaky patches start to appear. Often, I don’t even notice just how stressed I am until I see these patches appear.

Our body responds to stressful situations by producing particular hormones and changes take place in our body in preparation for a fight or flight response. Your body responds to any kind of stressful situation in a similar way – whether that is physical or emotional stress. Your body doesn’t know what type of stress it is.

Forms of stress:

Emotional stress – our relationships, depression, struggles, financial issues, pressure
Physical stress – diet, alcohol, lack of sleep, illness, pain, injury, exercise
Environmental stress – our workplace, toxins, pollutants, traffic, pesticides, medications

All of these stresses on our body require it to adapt continually by producing more and more stress hormones which can impact on our immune system and leave our body in a state of inflammation.

Eczema – dermatitis – is an inflammation of the skin.

Homeopathic treatment can not only help to soothe and heal your skin symptoms, it can also help you cope with stress a lot easier – whatever kind of stress that maybe.

How fantastic.

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