Just a few ways you can support your immune system this autumn and winter. By providing our immune system with the things is needs to work well, it will do its job with ease.  

Healthy Lifestyle

Get enough sleep – with the darker days approaching our sleep patterns change. Go with it. Our body switches into repair mode whilst sleeping.

Stay hydrated – water and fruit/herb infused water.  This does NOT include the sweetener filled artificial flavored waters available. Find out why staying hydrated is SO important HERE

Get outside – exercise and fresh air. Physical exercise helps our body detox and keep our lymph system active. This supports the immune system.

Reducing stress – the impact stress has on the immune system is immense. Living in a constant state of stress puts a huge amount of pressure on our immune system and leaves us more susceptible to seasonal illness.

Are you breathing? So often when we are stressed, busy or anxious our breath shortens. We are not oxygenating our entire body adequately. Actively focusing on our breath can lower our stress levels very quickly.

Quiet time – how much downtime/quiet time do you have daily/weekly? This is not a luxury its essential for a healthy immune system and whole body.

If we do not spend some time relaxing our body is permanently operating from a state of action. If we are busy in action All the time the body has very little time to repair and recover. This puts the whole body under a huge amount of stress. We need to rest.

Practice good hygiene – wash your hands in warm water.

Alcohol based cleaning gels strip the skin of natural oils and can leave your skin feeling dry, tight and sore. Washing your hands with warm water is a gentler option and provides better hygiene.
We have known for many years that “over sanitizing” of our homes does not stop the spread of “germs” and “protect” us from disease.

Eat a varied diet – fruit, vegetables, wholegrains.


Sugar and processed foods – We all know how damaging a diet high in sugar can be. Processed foods are no better – they are packed full of flavorings, preservatives, sugar and salt all designed to make the food taste desirable to our taste buds. They do nothing to nourish our immune system – these foods put extra stress on our digestive system which in turn demands more from the immune system so detracting it from its main job.

Reduce mucus producing foodsdairy and orange juice (also an adrenal stimulant)

Alcohol and stimulants – coffee and caffeinated drinks.

This includes too much fruit juice which has a very high sugar content. Stimulating drinks put added pressure on adrenal glands. Our body is triggered into action mode, action hormones are travelling around our body and our immune system is on alert! But nothing happens! False alarm.

Every time we consume stimulating drinks this process happens and each time the immune system is fired up for no reason. Over time this weakens our whole body.

Do you have your homeopathic remedy kit ready?

With a home prescribing kit full of the most commonly used remedies you have the tools to support your body when you start to notice those cold and flu type symptoms. If you would like some help with remedy selection, or where to buy a remedy kit get in touch.

Supplements to have to hand over the winter months.

Even with a wholefood varied diet we may need to take additional supplements. These supplement for a short period of time – not to be taken long term.

Manuka Honey – a powerful antibacterial

Vitamin D with K2 – K2 is essential for the body to absorb vitamin D

Ginger – another powerful antibacterial

Vitamin C + Zinc

Elderberry tincture

Echinacea tincture

B Vitamins

Omega’s – Omega 3 in particular can help reduce inflammation in the body
Inflammation in the body can have a major impact on the immune system. Over time the immune system is weakened and does not function as efficiently.

Gut health – fermented foods, kefir, OR a probiotic – so much of our immune system starts with good gut health.  


We ask a lot from our immune system during the winter months. If we can allow it to do its job by feeding it the right nutrients for the season and removing any additional stresses, it will continue to support us throughout the year.

If you are looking for homeopathic help to supoport your immune system over the coming months, book a 15 minute chat with me to find out more.