So how much water do you drink in a day?

I am not including tea and coffee or fruit juice – just regular water.  I know, it can get a little dull just drinking water ALL day.  Your body doesn’t think so. It really will LOVE you if you keep drinking the water. 

Our body is made up of 60% water and our brain over 70% (!). We process around 20 litres of blood per day and our lymph system filters and processes waste and toxins. Water is vital for this cleaning process. If we are dehydrated this whole process slows down, toxins are not removed efficiently from our body and we start to show signs of toxicity – we become achy, swollen, itchy, and start to hold onto the water that is present.

If we don’t drink enough water, we cannot rinse waste away from our body.

For eczema sufferers it is really important to efficiently process and eliminate waste from the body. 

The skin is a major detox (or waste removal) organ. If there is not enough water to keep the cleaning system working well signs of this will show up very quickly on the skin as increased eczema flares – more itching, more heat, dryness and reduced elasticity. You may also start to develop spots and your skin will start to look dull.

Sufficient water intake is vital for our body and mind to function well.


How much is enough?

The general recommendation is 2 litres or 70ounces per day. This does not include tea or coffee, carbonated drinks or fruit juice.

How do we know if we aren’t drinking enough water?

If you are thirsty, you are already dehydrated.  Other signs you are not drinking enough water:

Muscle tension


Difficulty concentrating


If you know your water intake is not what it could be, try drinking a little more for a few days to see if your symptoms improve.

If you can increase your water intake by 1 glass each day for 7 days you WILL notice a huge difference.

 As part of a homeopathic consultation, finding out if you are thirsty or thirstless gives an insight into your general levels of health and helps identify which remedies may benefit you. Your body will respond quicker and more efficiently to homeopathic remedies if it is hydrated.

This is my water bottle on my desk. It holds 1litre. I aim to get through at least 2 bottles per day. Doesn’t always happen, but I do my best. When we are out I ensure we have our re-usable water bottles with us. We invested in KleanKanteen bottles for the whole family. It was a big investment for “just” water bottles. BUT they were bought nearly 10 years ago and still going strong. That is a lot of daytrips out and commutes to the office. It has saved considerable amounts of money buying water when out AND less single use plastic. 


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