Laryngitis – losing your voice – can happen to anyone, and often at times seemingly out of the blue. Homeopathy can help. 

Very often acute laryngitis is associated with a viral or bacterial infection. Over straining your voice, getting caught in the wet and cold, can weaken your immune system so you start to develop laryngitis symptoms. The larynx, which houses our vocal cords becomes swollen, inflamed or is in spasm.

You may not have any other symptoms or you may have a cough and cold alongside no voice. The condition is characterized as a change in the quality of your voice – from husky and hoarse or squeaky right up to a complete loss of voice.

Thankfully, there is help out there.
Homeopathic remedies can help.  

Emotions need an outlet.

Our emotions can also impact our physical symptoms. What are you not expressing, what are you not saying? What feelings are you suppressing? If we are resisting the need to express something so strongly our body will find a way to express our discomfort for us.

What about long-term symptoms? 

You may be experiencing long-term or chronic laryngitis symptoms. These could be due to an allergy irritating that area of your throat. Some other causes of long-term symptoms include:  passive or active smoking, alcohol, exposure to irritants, GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease), long-term use of inhaled steroid medicine and thyroid problems. Chronic post-nasal drip and long-term mouth breathing can also contribute to problems with the voice and vocal chords. Nodules or polyps growing on the vocal cords may also affect long term changes in voice quality.

If your symptoms are long standing it’s important to address the reasons why you are not well and seek help. Treating the symptoms and not the underlying reason will not help long term. Seeking treatment with a professional homeopath will provide relief for the acute symptoms as well as assessing your levels of health to understand when and why your symptoms may have developed. Homeopathic remedies are prescribed specifically for your symptoms and level of health.

Selecting the right homeopathic remedy

When treating yourself at home with homeopathic remedies not down your key symptoms. It’s not always so easy to take your own symptoms or those from someone who doesn’t feel well, but a great way to record information which used can be used to select the most appropriate remedy is using a case taking technique – CLAMS.


To get you started with using homeopathy at home you will find some of the key remedies for treating the symptoms of laryngitis below.

 As your symptoms develop you may find you need to change the remedy – go back to noting your symptoms and select  a remedy that is more appropriate

Homeopathic remedies for Laryngitis

If the remedy noted below is available in the Helios 36 remedy kit it’s marked with *

ACONITE*  Symptoms come on suddenly,  especially after being out in a dry, cold wind, from fright or shock. Voice will be hoarse, husky or squeaking. 

Symptoms will be worse at night, breathing in and for touch, cold air and talking.

ARG-NIT* Loss of voice from thick, yellow/green mucus collecting around the vocal cords. Back of the throat is sore and appears dark red. In singers’ high notes will cause coughing. 

There will be a feeling of a splinter in the larynx when swallowing. A feeling of tickling, like a hair in the throat.
Symptoms will be worse in a warm room, am. And for feelings of anticipation and anxiety.

ARSENICUM*  Voice is hoarse and squeaking. Throat will feel dry and nose may drip. This remedy is useful where symptoms get worse due to an allergy.

CAUSTICUM The voice is dry & rasping OR absent. This is very useful for singers and teachers and public speakers. Symptoms can come on after a cold or being caught in a cold wind. Throat will feel narrow and it will be difficult to cough. Catarrh gathers in the throat and is very hard to bring up. There will be a feeling of constriction around the throat. Symptoms are much worse for voice strain.

IGNATIA*  If you are experiencing an emotional upset, then lose your voice this is the remedy for you. Intense emotions can often be difficult to handle, so very often our body will process the symptoms for us as physical symptoms. You will have the sensation of a lump in your throat which you will not be able to get rid of by swallowing.

RHUS TOX * Loss of voice after straining / over use – public speaking, teachers, trainers, singers. This is yellow catarrh along with stiffness of the neck and limbs.

SPONGIA Loss of voice whilst speaking/singing. Unable to control pitch. Larynx is painful and dry and burning sensation. Larynx feelings tickling sensation and constricted.

Will feel much better for drinking water. There will be a constant need to clear the throat.

You can find out more about a home use remedy kit here

Dosage and Frequency – guidance 


If these remedies do not match your symptoms there are other homeopathic remedies out there to help. You may find one of the above remedies helps but does not clear the symptoms completely and they drag on for days leading into weeks. This is the time to book an appointment with a homeopath for constitutional treatment. This doesn’t mean the remedies you have been using have not helped – very likely these symptoms are letting you know something else needs addressing.

Homeopathic treatment can help

Working with a homeopath to look at all of your symptoms to understand what may be going on will allow your body to heal at a deeper level and recover from acute illnesses much quicker and with fewer complications 

What else can I do to help my voice recover?

Rest your voice. We want to communicate – its a natural thing for us! Our body is telling us we need to rest our vocal expression.

Drinking ginger tea  – ginger can help reduce inflammation

Raw Or Manuka Honey  – very soothing when added to warm (NOT hot) water along with ginger

Try a humidifier – particularly helpful of your throat is dry.

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