Acute or chronic – Homeopathy can help

Whether you are dealing with acute sinus symptoms as part of a cough or cold or more chronic sinusitis homeopathic remedies can help you feel better – gently, quickly and with no side effects.

Acute sinusitis can often come on as part of a lingering cold or infection. If you find you are suffering again and again with sinusitis this could be as a result of recurring infections (the same infection returns again and again even with prescribed medications) or an allergic reaction to a substance.

 For either situation homeopathy can help you. The remedies detailed below can help in both situations.

Further treatment may be required if you are dealing with repeated sinusitis as further complications can arise – all this can be helped with constitutional treatment with homeopathic remedies.

Left untreated long standing sinusitis can lead to sore throats and chest infections making things more complicated to manage.


To help you right now the remedies below are the most commonly used.   


There are several sinus areas in the head and all areas can develop symptoms. You will notice pain and discomfort in different areas depending which sinus area is affected.

Typically, as follows:

Frontal (above the brow) sinusitis results with pain over the eyes and across the forehead. The brow will feel heavy and there can sometimes be light sensitivity.

Maxillary (beneath the eyes and beside the nose) sinusitis there will be pain and pressure in the cheekbones, nasal passages will be blocked and often neuralgic tooth pain

Ethmoid (above and behind nose bridge) sinusitis creates pressure and pain at the bridge of the nose behind the eyes. There can be headaches and post nasal drip.

There will be mucus production in various forms, consistency and colour.

When assessing your symptoms note the location of pain, type of pain, colour and consistency of any mucus production as these will guide you towards the right remedy.


The top 5 remedies which can help your symptoms are detailed here for you: 

Homeopathy for Sinusitis

Click on the image above to download a pdf file OR click here

With a supported immune system, you are able to deal with your symptoms quickly and with less impact on your daily life. Homeopathic remedies cannot stop you getting ill however they can ensure you suffer less and symptoms do not develop into anything more complicated.


Take 30c potency up to 4 times per day. Take 1 remedy at a time. If symptoms do not improve after 3 doses, observe symptoms closely and match to a remedy. If, after 2-3 days of home prescribing symptoms have not improved or become more complicated seek help. When we are treating ourselves and loved ones it can be hard to remain “objective” about what is going on. Assistance from a professional homeopath can help to observe symptoms which we all too often miss.

Other ways to help your symptoms

These may seem like very simple and obvious suggestions; however, they do work!

  • REST. REST.REST. Give yourself some time to rest and allow your immune system to do its job. Resting up at the onset of a cold very means it doesn’t linger or develop into something more complicated.
  • Vitamin C and Zinc. Ideally 2 x 500mg daily. Vitamin C is water soluble so will excrete out of your body if too much is taken on 1 dose. So little and often doses mean your body will make more efficient use of it.
  • Support your immune system with increased intake of Vitamin C and zinc. Echinacea Extract is also helpful as an immune system support
  • Avoid dairy products as these are mucus producing
  • Add moisture back into the environment with a humidifier
  • Avoid manually removing excess mucus or blockages and continuing blowing your nose. This can make the symptoms much worse and be very painful. By gently encouraging your body to release any mucus build up the body will heal quicker
  • A gentle decongestant. Try a few drops of lavender oil in a bowl of hot water by your bed rather than the astringent aroma of pine or eucalyptus. Strong smelling oils can interfere with how your body responds to homeopathic remedies. Lavender is a gentler, yet just as effective alternative 

You can read more about supporting your immune system HERE

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