Earache and ear infections can be successfully treated at home with just a few homeopathic remedies.

Here are the most commonly used homeopathic remedies and their indications for use.

When noting symptoms consider the following:

Which ear?

What does the pain feel like?

Location of the pain? Does it extend beyond the ear?

Any other symptoms?

When did the symptoms develop? I.e. after a walk in the cold, with a cold

What is the patient’s temperament like when ill?

Any discharge? Colour, smell?

Any heat, swelling, change in colour?

Sensitive too? Heat, cold, touch, drafts?

Does swallowing, yawning make the symptoms better or worse?

Any fever?


Comes on suddenly (usually at night) after a chill, exposure to cold wind. Symptoms are worse around midnight. The ear will feel painful.

External ear will be red and feel hot and the opening may look inflamed. LEFT ear is often worse.

Patient will be restless, anxious and fearful with noticeable thirst & flushed face.

Give 200c potency.


Otitis with high fever & often sudden onset.

Outer ear is red & hot, inner opening inflamed with pain in and around the ear. RIGHT side worse.

Unbearable shooting or tearing pains. Child will scream with pain.

With fever there will be red face, glassy red eyes and cold hands and feet.

Eating will make the pain worse. Otitis often develops with teething.

Ear will feel better for warm wraps.

Give 200c potency


Advanced stage of ear infection. Pus formation, shooting pains and roaring in the ear & hearing loss. Pus maybe yellow/green with a foul smell.

Pains will be worse at night, right side worse.
Symptoms will be worse at night, in damp weather, on swallowing.

Cool applications will help.

Great sensitivity to temperature – hot or cold, swollen lymph nodes, foul breath, puffy tongue, excessive salivation. Glands swollen around ear and throat.

Give 30c

Homeopathy for earache


PAINintolerable, unendurable sharp pain in the ears. Child will hold their ear and scream in pain. Great sensitivity to ANY pain. One cheek will be red & hot.

Like Belladonna these symptoms can develop with teething or toothache.

Children will be very unhappy, demanding and irritable. Will want to be carried all the time.

Warm wraps and motion will help.

Cold air, wind, touching the ear will NOT help. The patient will NOT want anyone to examine the ears.

NB: this remedy may encourage the ear drum to start releasing puss from the Eustachian tubes. This is the body healing. Pain should be reduced and the patient may fall asleep after a dose of this remedy. If this happens get in touch with your homeopath who can guide you through the rest of the healing process.

Give 200c potency

Ferrum Phos

First stage of inflammation. Generally feeling unwell & weary, alternating pale and flushed face and complaints of intermittent ear pain. Outer ear may look pink and feel warm.

Give 30c


Later stages of earache & infections. Long standing (chronic) otitis leading to hearing loss. Excessive buildup of catarrh in the ear. Ears feels plugged up and may pop or crackle which is better for yawning or swallowing. Itching and soreness – the desire to bore a finger into the ear or press the ear hard. Usually a left sided remedy.

If there is pain it is eased by rupture of the ear drum. This remedy can encourage the drainage of pus which can be cheesy smelling and thick.
Check for heat behind the ear around the mastoid.

Give 30c

Hepar Sulph

Like Chamomilla PAIN is the key symptom. Pain is unbearable.

However, those needing this remedy are NOT likely to ask for help, whereas Chamomilla patients will be demanding and want help. The Hepar-Sulph patient will not want fussing over, to be touched and just want to be left alone.

There is great sensitivity to cold and drafts and noise. (ALWAYS try to warm you hands if you need to examine the ear with this remedy, the aversion to touch and cold is very marked).

Infection maybe advanced with this remedy – you may see a bulging eardrum or pus formation.

Ear pain will be stabbing and sticking. A sensation as if a “splinter is been driven into the ear”. Right side tends to be more affected. Glands in the neck may also be swollen. Remaining covered, including the ear will ease symptoms.

Give 30c or 200c depending on symptom intensity.


Perhaps the most commonly used remedy for ear infections especially if they develop after or with a cold.

Ear will feel blocked and pains will be sharp and aching (not as painful as Chamomilla). The pain will feel like it is pressing OUTWARDS. Pain will be worse in the evening and nighttime.

Ear will be red and hot (mainly LEFT sided), with a crawling sensation. There maybe a deep itch felt inside especially of the infection is long standing (chronic).

Generally, those needing this remedy will be weepy, sad, needing lots of comfort and reassurance.

Homeopathy for Otitis

Dosage & Frequency

  • Give 1 dose and observe symptoms over the following 1-2 hours.
  • Remedies can be repeated every 2-3 hours for 2-3 days.
  • If no noticeable improvement or symptoms worsen after 12-24hours contact a professional homeopath for guidance.

As symptoms change you may find you require another remedy – take a note of changed symptoms and find a new remedy. This is the body working through the healing process, it doesn’t mean the previous remedy was incorrect. Symptoms change and new remedies can be given in response to the changing symptom picture.

Other ways to help


  • Remove dairy from the diet if you can. Dairy is mucus producing and if there is catarrh present consumption of dairy will exacerbate the situation.
  • With chronic cases in young children who are bottle fed to avoid feeding whilst the child is lying down. This position can encourage fluid to flow into the Eustachian tubes.
  • Cranial sacral treatment alongside homeopathic constitutional treatment can help if your child is suffering from recurring otitis.

If you would like some help with ear infections acute or chronic I can help.

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Homeopathic treatment can ease your immediate symptoms and boost your immune system so you do not have to suffer with recurring symptoms.

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