The homeopathic treatment of eczema and digestive issues. Read how one little girl healed gently and naturally with the help of homeopathic remedies. 

Daisy was 18 months old and dealing with eczema. She was unhappy, itchy and having a tough time. Mum noticed her skin was dry with white flakes when she was around 12 months old.

The eczema started on her ankles and spread quickly to her arms, legs and torso. Her arms erupted in red blotchy welts. Daisy was itchy and scratching ALL the time until she was bleeding.

Daisy’s skin before treatment

Daisy was suffering.

Daisy was also had digestive issues with up to 12 bowel movements daily; she was gassy,  there was noisey digestion and she was clearly in a lot of discomfort after she had eaten. She was on a very restricted diet due to her skin and digestive symptoms. Daisy was hungry ALL the time; her body was struggling to digest food and mum was very unsure what food to give in case her symptoms flared up.

Daisy had an allergy test  yet the results came back with NO sensitivities. Mum knew Daisy reacted badly to lots of foods so couldn’t understand what was going on. Foods such as eggs, grains, gluten, dairy and all sugar had been removed from her diet. Mum had tried TRS treatment before homeopathy which resulted in Daisy’s symptoms getting much worse.

Daisy needed help.

As you can imagine Daisy was not happy. She was always hungry, wanted to be held all the time and not growing. Her sleep was terrible often with multiple bowel movements in the night along with frequent waking due to scratching.

Where to start treatment?

Daisy was initially brought for treatment for her skin, so it would seem the most logical place to start.

Eczema is a skin condition however it very rarely happens in isolation. When a full health history is taken we start to see the whole picture. Daisy’s digestive issues were having a big impact on her live. Being able to digest food and absorb nutrients from our food is vital for a healthy body and mind. Daisy was not processing or absorbing food well.

Digestion problems and skin symptoms

Digestive issues and skin symptoms are a very common occurrence in my homeopathic clinic. As a starting point parents often remove certain trigger foods from their child’s diet to see if the skin symptoms clear up. Typical trigger foods include dairy, wheat, gluten, soy, eggs and sugar. Daisy had not eaten these foods for months yet her skin and digestive symptoms persisted.

Sometimes what seems secondary symptoms in a case can be the starting point for treatment.

Daisy’s first homeopathic prescription focused on her digestion and bowel movements. Until Daisy was able to process and absorb her food well her body would struggle to heal her skin symptoms.

At the follow up appointment there was no change in her skin symptoms. There was a change in bowel movements from 10 – 12 per day to 5-6 per day with no night time bowel movements. In addition, she was less gassy, odour was not as strong, no noise digesting food and she seemed much more comfortable after food.


What a fabulous response to homeopathic remedies and an excellent start to her healing journey.

What about her skin?

Mum had not seen any improvement in Daisy’s skin. However looking in-depth at her symptoms during the follow up appointment revealed that Daisy was no longer waking at night – no more night scratchinggreat news. Her skin still looked red and dry and was still itchy, more treatment was needed.

I often talk about healing with homeopathy as a series of stages or stepping stones; you can read more about this here. Your symptoms do not happen in isolation to the rest of your body and symptoms which are having a greater impact on your health and wellbeing need to be addressed first. Daisy’s ability to absorb fuel from her food is vital for her growth and energy.

If one or more of our elimination channels is having a problem, we very likely see problems arising with another elimination channel. I explain more here.

Daisy’s skin symptoms are connected to all her other symptoms, deciding where to focus treatment takes into consideration which symptoms are having the greatest impact on her health.

Homeopathic remedies were adjusted at this follow up appointment to take into consideration the change in her symptoms and overall health.

Daisy returned for another follow up appointment several weeks later. The changes in her symptoms were very evident.

Arms clear.

No face itching.

Legs improved – just the tops of ankles were still a little dry and itchy.

No more scratching until her skin bleeds.

Bowel movements – 1-3 per day!

Daisy was still very hungry however mum was noticing there are times where she was clearly full and did not want to eat anymore food – this had never happened before; Daisy had always been ravenous.

Any other developments?

Developmentally, Daisy had exploded. New teeth coming through with less complications, she was putting weight on and verbally she was learning lots of new words very quickly. Her energy was up and she was generally a much happier little girl. Daisy was sleeping well, waking up happy and refreshed and enjoying life

All this healing happened over 4 months.

Treatment continued for the remaining skin symptoms. Daisy was also dealing with Molluscum. She and her siblings were all presenting with typical symptoms.

Her new prescription was made up of remedies which fitted all of her symptoms, those of her skin, her digestion, sleep, behaviour – this is homeopathic constitutional prescribing.

Over the following days and weeks, the Molluscum cleared up with no lingering symptoms
Her eczema has cleared up, she is having just 1-2 bowel movements daily, eating well and stopping when she is full. Mum emailed me to say:

“Daisy’s skin looks so good!!!”

I am thrilled for Daisy and her family. With the help of homeopathic remedies Daisy can focus on being a happy, healthy, vibrant 2-year-old.

Our health and wellbeing are constantly changing and adapting in response to lives and how we interact with the world around us. Daisy’s mum continues to use homeopathy to support Daisy as she grows and finds her place in the world. Currently Daisy is learning to live with the arrival of a baby sister and homeopathy is helping her with along the way.

After homeopathic treatment

Your child does not need to suffer, homeopathy can help. Get in touch to find out how.