Detoxing is something you maybe familiar with – its growing in popularity and there are many different approaches. Detoxing with homeopathy is not only safe, its gentle and deeply transformational. The unique ability for homeopathic remedies to target specific toxins within your system means this detox is specific to your health needs – a truly bespoke experience. 

No two detoxes will be the same

We all have different health histories and have different levels of health. Detoxing with homeopathic remedies work with your current levels of health and I prescribe a detox programme to fit your individual needs. Homeopathic detox is as unique as you are.


What is available?

General Detox 

Ideal if you have noticed general signs of needing a detox.

These can be:

Feeling tired all the time
Generally sluggish digestion
Lacking in energy and motivation
Not waking refreshed
Skin is dull and lack lustre – you may notice eczema symptoms developing



 This general detox will open up your elimination channels. These are digestion and bowels, liver and kidneys. It will support and nurture these organs which alone will result in improvements in your health. 

Homeopathic remedies stimulate the body’s own natural elimination process to work efficiently and effectively.

Once your channels of elimination are working well, further targeted detox programmes can be prescribed.


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Some health benefits you may notice after a General Detox:

Improved sleep patterns – waking refreshed
More efficient digestion
Boost in your energy levels
Strengthens your immune system –
recovery from coughs and colds quicker
Improves your respiration process
Weight loss
Improvements in skin quality and appearance

Specific Detox

Possible toxins which can impact on your health and wellbeing:


External e.g. insecticides, household cleaners, cosmetics, soaps, toothpastes, food additives, drugs, vaccines, chemicals in water, air pollutants etc

Internal – made in the body, e.g. excess adrenalin, hormones, dead cells etc

Hereditary / Genetic

Emotional – stress, worry, anxiety, anger

Perverse energy – electromagnetic, electricity, geopathic, radiation (from computers, mobile phones, TV, x-rays, aero planes, power lines etc)

Bacteria / Virus / Parasites – Fungi


Homeopathic detox can target specific toxins in your system and prescribe remedies to remove these. This is what makes detoxing with homeopathy so unique. Targeted medications, pesticides and metals are eliminated from the body at a deep cellular level without depleting the body of vital minerals or nutrients. 

Homeopathic remedies stimulate the body to remove toxins at a deep cellular level.

Some of the more common medications a Specific Detox can help safely eliminate: 

Hormonal contraceptive medication
Steroids (oral and topical)
Birthing drugs (mum and baby)
Heavy metals

Homeopathic detox works WITH your body.

The benefit of a detox with homeopathy is the liver, kidneys, and digestive system are supported throughout. These organs are already under a degree of stress hence the toxicity.  At every stage the process can be adjusted to respond to your body’s sensitivities.

Depending on your health history lifestyle changes may need to be incorporated and homeopathy can help with this also. Making comprehensive changes can feel overwhelming which is very often why many of us don’t continue with the process. I will guide you through this, supporting you throughout.  Please remember the journey to good health is a process. 

What happens? 

During your first appointment I take a detailed health history. I spend time understanding your health needs to identify the most appropriate detox remedies. Your prescription will detail the specific remedies to take including dosage and frequency.

It will also include information on why you have been prescribed specific remedies. Working with me is a partnership and I believe it is important for you to understand why you are taking particular remedies and the curative action of them. 

At following appointments we discuss how you are feeling and note changes in your health and well-being. Your prescription will be adjusted to match your current health needs. 

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