The term “constitutional” treatment in homeopathy and “chronic” condition can be confusing if you are not familiar with them.

What do they mean for you and your health?

Any illness or symptom could be considered “chronic” if you do not recover from it quickly and return to the same, or improved, level of health and well being prior to your illness. If you don’t recover as quickly as you had hoped, or your symptoms are not going away, your body needs a helping hand to get better. This is where constitutional treatment can help you.

Constitutional treatment is about improving strength, resilience and vitality in body and mind. Helping your body recover from its current ongoing symptoms and restoring you to the best possible health for you.

Sounds good doesn’t it?

When you visit a homeopath for help it maybe a very different experience to anything you are used too.

We ask you about the current symptoms you’re seeking help for, about your health history, your life in general and your family history. All of this information gives us an insight into who you are and how you’ve grown into the person you are today.

This level of detail is important to a homeopath as it gives us clues as to why you are suffering with your particular symptoms.

I’ll explain why.

Homeopathic view of your symptoms

One of the guiding principles of homeopathic treatment is that our body, mind and emotions are fully integrated into one WHOLE being – YOU. If you are suffering in one area then the others may also be affected; maybe not to the same intensity, but any change in our well being is felt throughout the body and mind.

Think about when you become anxious or worried, did you experience any physical sensations at the same time?

The homeopathic approach to health and healing treats you as an individual

How your symptoms affect you is important to a homeopath, this helps us find the right remedy for you. We look beyond a diagnosis of eczema, menopause, migraines etc to understand how and why these symptoms have come about and how they are affecting ALL of you – both physically and emotionally. Your symptoms will be different to someone else who has been given the same diagnosis as you.

Our health and well-being are influenced by many things, such as our lifestyle – work, sleep, food, pastimes – our hereditary tendency to particular patterns of health, and how we experience life – our emotions, trauma, life events. All of these things are unique to each of us and make us who we are. 

Our personal experiences not only shape us into the individuals we are, they also influence our health on a physical and emotional level. No one will experience the same thing in exactly the same way.

Our lives may look very similar to each other but how we experience them is particular to each and every one of us. Ask 2 women about their pregnancy and birth experience and whilst there will be very common elements to each story each woman will tell their own unique story. Ask a group of people their experience of school or work and again you may hear similarities but each person with their own version. Healing with homeopathy considers all of this. 

When you get ill you have your own pattern of illness unique to you

Your cold or cough, or headache will be unique to you – how it feels, how long it lasts and how it affects you. You may recover quickly or your symptoms may linger and never fully resolve. If your symptoms return time and time again your body has to work harder and harder each time to recover.  New symptoms may also develop which are more intense or complex.

What is going on?

You may have used homeopathic remedies to treat your symptoms or medication from your doctor or chemist. This may have helped for a short while but the symptoms just keep returning, affecting your body and your emotional health. Your body needs help to return to vitality.

If you have been living with symptoms for weeks or months or even years your body has become used to them.  It’s the new normal – even if these symptoms are not comfortable or make you feel happy or well. This can go on for many years with more complicated symptoms and illnesses developing. Your body needs help to recover as it is struggling to do this on its own.

This wonderful illustration highlights beautifully the individual nature of homeopathic treatment.
(Illustration by Upside Down Chronicles)

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Constitutional homeopathic treatment can help

During an appointment with a homeopath all of the information you provide helps us find the right remedy for you – for your current symptoms and to start to restore balance and to remind your body it does not need to remain stuck repeating these symptoms.

Homeopathic remedies provide the catalyst for your body to start the healing process.

Your body will do the work, the remedies are guiding your body in the right direction to wellness and recovery. Sometimes your body needs more reminding than other times. This could be for any reason, which is why a homeopath will want to find out lots of information about you; to find out a possible reason why your body doesn’t want to get better.

Constitutional homeopathic treatment can be a process, it may take a little while to see lasting changes, but this doesn’t mean your body isn’t working hard at starting to heal. Often, we see positive improvements in areas of our life we didn’t expect. Just as your symptoms developed in a pattern unique to you, so your recovery will follow a path that is unique to you. Follow up appointments are a time to explore what has happened since taking your remedies.

You may think not much has changed until we start to look at what has been happening – your sleep may have improved, you maybe feeling more energized, you pain which was once 7 out of 10 is now 4 out of 10. This is your body starting to heal.

Constitutional treatment peels back the layers of imbalance to reveal the symptom free you that has always been there.

If you would like help with ongoing symptoms which are not improving then I would like to help.

You can get better.