Skin healing and so much more. Read one little boy’s story. Itchy skin, anger and his transformation with the help of homeopathy.

I met Charlie earlier this year when his mum brought him for homeopathic treatment for his eczema. Charlie is a lively 4-year-old who has lived with eczema since he was 2 weeks old. For the first 12 months his eczema had been managed with the use of steroid cream. Whilst using the cream his symptoms were minimal, however once Mum stopped applying steroid cream his symptoms returned. Since Charlie was 12 months old Mum has tried various creams and lotions to soothe his skin – yet so far nothing has really helped.

A lifetime of itchy skin

Charlie has always scratched his skin – inside his elbows, his hands, his legs, his whole body. Mum told me she couldn’t remember a time when Charlie didn’t scratch himself. His skin had never really felt soft, even as a newborn regardless of how what type of cream or lotion she used, it was always dry.

The more Charlie scratched the more he itched, night time was terrible with constant night waking due to itching.  Generally, bedtime, nighttime and mornings were not good for Charlie. He would fight going to bed and be very grumpy waking up in the mornings. It was stressful for everyone.

A cycle of emotions and scratching

With all the scratching his skin would bleed and heal slowly. Charlie would get angry and upset a lot and when he got upset he would scratch more and more. He got frustrated by many things, if things did not go his way he would get very upset very quickly. Poor Charlie was living in a cycle of scratching, upset, scratching, anger, scratching. 

Before treatment


Before homeopathic treatment mum had investigated possible allergies which may trigger Charlie’s eczema. Whilst there were no specific allergies to any foods or environmental triggers, mum felt Charlie’s skin got worse around animals and often his itching would get worse if he ate too much fruit.

Mum was feeling a confused and frustrated about what may be causing her son’s eczema. There was no one thing which made his symptoms worse. Lots of things made his symptoms a little bit worse but nothing specific. She knew she had to do something as her poor little boy was scratching himself bloody and was very unhappy.

I prescribe a remedy which fitted his skin symptoms – severe itching and dryness.

Appointment 2 – Improvements

At Charlie’s follow up appointment it was clear the dryness of his skin had improved along with a reduction in redness. Charlie was still constantly scratching some part of his body all day. Mum noticed this got worse when Charlie was emotional, angry, sad or upset. He more he scratched the more upset he would get.


The previous remedy was repeated and he also was given a remedy specifically to help the itching.

NO more scratching and more!

I met Charlie again mid August. As you can see from the images here his skin had improved even more. Mum told me she had seen “wonderful improvements”. He was itching less, there were times in the day when he wasn’t scratching and it was confined to particular areas now. His skin felt softer too.  Another huge improvement this time was Charlie’s sleep. No more resisting bedtime, no more grumpy early mornings. He was falling asleep easily and waking up on his own refreshed and happy!

Charlie’s emotions had also started to ease. Less angry outbursts, less frustration and more cooperation in the house. When he did get upset, he would still scratch, however with less intensity and less frequency.

I prescribe new remedies which matched all his symptoms.

At Charlie’s 4th appointment with me it was clear he was doing very well. The first thing mum told me was Charlie had only had one episode of scratching in 5 weeks! He skin was soft and smooth. His sleep was still good and he was a much happier little boy. Mum told me she had no idea “he was so miserable in his own skin. He’s not as angry”.  Charlie used to get upset very quickly with lots of things, mum now reported he was much more easy going.
Life is good for Charlie. 

This case is ongoing with remedies to continue to help Charlie’s skin heal and support him emotionally.

Charlie’s mum sought help for her son’s eczema symptoms. His skin has healed beautifully with the help of homeopathy along with so many more improvements. Treatment has truly been transformational for this little boy. He is no longer “miserable in his own skin”.

If you would like to feel more comfortable IN your skin and WITH your skin homeopathy can help.

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