Do these questions sound familiar?

“When will it start?
“How long will it last?”
“Why am I the only one who hasn’t started? Or has started?”
“What do I do if it starts at school?” 

As a parent/guardian you may have been asked these or similar questions about periods. However, the most common questions I am asked in my clinic are about PAIN.

“Will it be painful?”
“What do I do if it’s painful?”
“My period is really painful, is this normal?”

I hear about girls vomiting, and having to take several days off school each month, due to the pain caused by their periods, or about those who are prescribed the hormone contraceptive pill as a way to manage the pain.

A young woman’s body is already working hard to find its own balance and rhythm during the teen years. To help support it as naturally as possible and in harmony with this newly emerging cycle will allow a regular, natural menstrual cycle to establish itself quickly and with little discomfort.

Homeopathic treatment supports this process.

It supports the body whilst it establishes its own flow. If they are a few ups and downs whilst this is happening there are remedies you can use to treat those particular symptoms.

If your daughter is suffering with painful periods there are many homeopathic remedies which can help.  A great remedy to try is

This can help those severe cramping pains, the kind that are relieved with a hot-water bottle and pressure, e.g. a pillow or cushion across the abdomen or arms pressing over the area. Other symptoms may include pain coming on before the period starts or your daughter feeling down and/or not wanting to do very much.

30c potency. 1 pill dissolved in warm (not hot) water and sipped.

While painful periods are common,
they do not need to be the norm.
Homeopathy can help ease painful periods and much more.

Get in touch to find out how homeopathy can help you or your daughter.

You can start to feel better – TODAY!

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