Is this a familiar story?

The teenage years hit, puberty is in full swing. Hormones are surging and suddenly your child is plagued with spots – ACNE. You have tried a vast number of over the counter products – some products ease the acne only to find a few months later your spots are back and worse. So you visit the Doctor who prescribes antibiotics or Roaccutane (Isotretinoin) for boys and the combined oral contraceptive pill for girls.

It seems a never-ending cycle, the more things you try the more your body kicks back.  You know that you want something that works with your body rather than working against it.  You know that for a lasting cure you need to be going down a route that teaches your body how to react in a different way.

There are many people that don’t realise they do have a choice!  There are natural medicines that work in a different way, that work by stimulating your own self-healing system, that work by helping your body rebalance itself.  People who know of homeopathy know they have a choice because homeopathy has a different approach to rebalance the body and correct the original cause of the health disturbance.

Self-esteem and appearance matter to teenagers and the emotional cost of acne can be very high – you want the acne gone!

Teenage years can be very stressful: peer groups, academic life, and the worry that another spot will appear right before an important event. Stress and fluctuating hormones play a big part in the cycle of spots. Teenagers often need support with both the emotional and physical changes that are taking place.

As our hormones struggle to find a new balance during our teenage years, our self-esteem and confidence seem to balance on a very thin wire lurching forwards into adulthood, independence, relationships and responsibility.

As a homeopath I find that the mainstream solutions, such as prescribing hormone medication to a teenager whose hormones are still settling into a natural rhythm, seems like a little like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut.

Homeopathy recognises that acne is not a standalone issue. 

It recognises that the underlying hormone imbalance needs to be addressed.  The body needs to learn how to balance all of these new emotions and associated hormones as they are strategically linked.  The body needs to be reminded of the end goal and shown a way to achieve harmony itself so there are no side effects and no long-term damage to the body.


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Homeopathic treatment will support 3 KEY areas when addressing Acne: 

SKIN support


HORMONAL support 



Your homeopath will help you and your child get to the root of the problem quickly and you can start a personalised treatment immediately. Homeopathic remedies will have an impact on the body immediately and whilst the changes may take time for your body to learn, they will be long lasting with no side effects. 

Homeopathy does however have other side effects … noticeably you will find that you begin to feel better about yourself and your skin. You will find you begin to handle stressful situations with more ease for example. Your friendships may become stronger as you feel more confident in yourself, your reactions may be less explosive with those around you and you may find you are happier with life.

If you would like to find out more about how homeopathy can help you and your family book a 15 minute consult with me so that you can make informed choices about your personalised health care options.