Your body is one amazingly intricate complex machine

… every wheel and cog connects to another wheel and cog, every action influences another. The endocrine system will have an effect on your appetite, your muscle fatigue, your sleep, your energy, your skin for example.

All of your symptoms are related to each other.  All of your symptoms are shouting at you … change something … I need your help … I can’t do this on my own

If we ignore the messages our body is sending us, it will find another way to let us know there is dis-ease (a major problem) and it needs YOUR attention. It will continue to do this until we start listening and take THE RIGHT action.

Unfortunately, much of pharma orientated medicine’s primary focus is to remove the symptoms – the messages – our body is sending us. The belief is once the symptoms have disappeared, the problem is solved. When symptoms develop elsewhere, they are seen as totally new and unrelated to the previous symptom. They do not see or appreciate that the same message is still trying to get your attention and the underlying issue still exists.  

How do we interpret the messages our body sends us?

As a homeopath I spend time listening to you describe your symptoms in detail. I want to know all about the symptoms and also how you experience them. Does it make you sad or angry that your body is ill in this way? Are there any other symptoms, for example eczema AND asthma AND allergies? I also want to know in what order all your symptoms developed. Did the eczema start first, then the asthma developed, or did you experience digestive issues first? I am looking for your whole health history step by step.

What may appear as unrelated illnesses creates a story which homeopathic remedies can help to unravel.

This is a common health history (or health timeline) people share with me:

A cold does not respond to rest and initial treatment, tonsillitis develops – antibiotics given

Tonsillitis comes back – more antibiotics

Digestive issues start – constipation alternating with diarrhea

Itchy rash develops on the arms and legs – over the counter creams do not help

Steroid cream prescribed – symptoms disappear

Stop using steroid cream and symptoms return – continue with steroid cream long term

Stomach issues continue – notice digestion issues are worse if milk or gluten is consumed

Breathing difficulties develop: chesty cough that won’t improve, unable to catch breath – inhaler prescribed

Steroid cream is used long term to keep the eczema under control and inhaler used to managed the asthma symptoms. There is a restricted diet as dairy and gluten set off digestive issues and make the eczema worse.

These health events may appear to be unrelated to each other. At each intervention with medication the symptoms were removed but was the overall health and well being of the individual addressed? Was the immune system supported to be able to resolve a cough or cold easily without the need for medication, or prevent it developing into a situation which required antibiotics? With each intervention of medication the immune system was depleted a little more meaning it was less able to do its job well. 

This health history is a history of medications managing symptoms rather than creating wellness. 



The body is working so very hard sending you messages

Homeopathic treatment rewinds this story. Treatment begins with addressing the loudest message first – the symptoms which are having the greatest impact on your quality of life. This will very often be the symptoms affecting deeper levels of health – for example the lungs and asthma. Each treatment and set of remedies address a set of symptoms.

What does healing look like?

When you return for your
follow up consultation, I am looking for the

  • Symptoms disappear in the reverse order of their appearance – the story is reversed step by step
  • Symptoms from top to downwards – you may find your eczema symptoms move from your arms and legs to your hands and feet.
  • Symptoms from within to outward – as the deeper symptoms improve you may notice the more superficial symptoms get worse. For the above example this may mean asthma improves and you see a return of some eczema symptoms.

The reason for the direction of healing is …… your return to EASE

With the right homeopathic remedies to support your body during this process, any worsening of symptoms are short lived and manageable. And as your overall level of health improves you will find your body does not need to relive every single symptom in reverse order. You are listening to the messages – you hear the story so your body does not need to keep messaging you.

Your journey to health is as unique as you are so the speed at which you recover may be very different to someone else.  Just as your symptoms and health history is yours and yours alone, so is your return to health an vitality.

Would you like a return to ease?
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