Loss is something many of us are currently living with

I’m writing this blog in April 2020 as we are all living in a reality we’ve perhaps only ever imagined or read about in works of fiction. I, like many of  you, am feeling many emotions. What I keep coming back to is a feeling of loss. 

Loss comes in many guises, separation, loss of our health and wealth, loss of our “normality”,  loss of a job, our home, loss of our ability to live our lives as we chose to,  restriction of movement, or death of pets,  friends and family. 

We may experience many emotions as we live through loss – shock, fear, anger, resentment, guilt, despair, denial, feeling numb. You may experience all of these emotions and more as you live with loss. Homeopathy is an invaluable support throughout this time – there are remedies for all your emotions and any physical symptoms that may arise. 

There is no right or wrong way to experience loss 

Elizabeth Kubler Ross indentifies 5 stages of grief  






Loss can present itself in a range of different ways and it can be both exhausting and scary. You may wonder just how long these feelings will last? 

Do you find yourself feeling…

  • stuck in a particular feeling and find it almost impossible to move on? 
  • stranded between 2 very different feelings and live in a place of not moving on and but not really anywhere. 
  • lurching from one feeling to another with no direction, at the whim of your emotions? 

Your experience is yours and yours alone

Individual homeopathic treatment supports you along your journey like a friend –  it’s there when you need carrying, when you need someone to hold your hand or simply to walk alongside you. Homeopathy stimulates the body and emotions into the most appropriate healing response for you. 

I recently prescribed remedies for loss to a patient who was angry about a job redundancy. She felt that what had happened to her was unfair. After taking the remedies she told me she cried “alot” then felt a “huge sense of release after”.

She told me she felt the tension in her body lift and she slept better than she had done in weeks. Whilst she was still  feeling unhappy about what had happened she was no longer “furious” and had stopped “blaming everyone for what had happened to me”.

For another patient who was experiencing loss and could not stop crying a different remedy was needed for this patient. During our first appointment she said to me:

“I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I hardly ever cry, and I just can’t seem to stop. I cry at sad news on the TV, when people tell me about sad events. I’m over the loss of the relationship so why am I still crying?”

At a follow up appointment, she shared with me her realisation that she was not completely over her previous relationship and was still very upset about the way it had ended. The remedies I prescribed helped her come to terms with her feelings. Whilst she was still feeling loss, she was no longer ignoring her feelings and was ready to start looking at how she was feeling about the relationship. She was no longer crying all the time.


Here is some information on remedies which may help in the acute stages of loss. Self prescribing for loss can help in the short term however, please do seek homeopathic help if you are not seeing any improvements. 


Perhaps not a first remedy to think of for loss. This remedy will help with the immediate shock of hearing news of a loss. When you feel stuck, frozen, not sure what to do then become very restless. Maybe suitable for someone who is having difficulty understanding what may have just happened. 


Despair. A black cloud over everything. No hope of recovery or desire to. There may be feelings of anger and betrayal. During the evening feelings will become more intense


Immediate grief with shock. Overwhelming emotions which feel difficult to manage. Lots of sighing, swallowing and you may feel a lump in your throat.  May prefer to be alone where you will be able to cry. 


Grief struck and weepy. Will feel things very deeply, for other people;s loss as well as their own loss. Crying comes quickly when talking about the loss and it feels better to talk about what has happened. Will want company and feel better for it and need lots of reassurance. 


Resentment and anger about having something taken away. May feel abused and will be quick to blame others for feelings of loss. Will dwell on events which may have resulted in loss. 

Homeopathic treatment is gentle

It allows your emotions to release when the time is right for you and eases the intensity of feelings to make life a little more bearable – to feel like you can move forward feeling more like yourself even when life around you may look very different.

If you would like help with ongoing symptoms which are not improving then I would like to help.

You can feel better.

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