Do you have multiple children who you would like to receive homeopathic treatment?

Are you a parent who is in need of homeopathic support whilst your care for your family?

I want to make homeopathic treatment accessible for whole family groups. I have seen how much quicker children heal when Mum and Dad are taking care of their own needs physically and emotionally. Healing as a family is beneficial for everyone. I have introduced Family Group follow up appointments. 

Book a Family Group follow up appointment with me and each appointment will be offered at a reduced fee.

Have a read HERE about how homeopathy can take care of YOU whilst you take care of your family. 

Book your Family Group follow up appointment here

What is a Family Group appointment?

Book 2 members of the same family in for a follow up appointment at a discounted rate.

  • Each family member will need to have had their own individual first appointment with me first.
  • Then each follow up appointment booked at the same time will be discounted.
  • If I am treating more than 2 members of the same family you can use the family follow up for different people each time. Please state the name of each person when booking.
  • I cannot split the times of these family follow up appointments.
  • Family follow up appointments run back to back. When booking you are making a booking for 2 appointments
  • Each appointment lasts 30-40 minutes. Total time for both appointments 60-80 minutes.


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