The signs of eczema are often first noticed by parents when their baby is 4-6 months old.


Early treatment with homeopathy can mean these symptoms are short lived and do not need treatment with medication which can leave their mark with unwelcome side effects and long term health complications.

Around this time in a babies life major milestones are vaccinations and the introduction of solid food. There is a growing understanding of the link between certain foods triggering eczema symptoms. But food itself is not the root cause of the eczema. Particular foods, though not the only ones, which can aggravate skin symptoms are dairy, eggs, wheat and nuts. This food aggravation is another symptom of the same condition – a sensitized immune system.

Why is your babies immune system so sensitized and what can homeopathy do to help?


I recently treated a 5 month old baby for eczema symptoms. When I first met RF his arms and legs were covered in very dry, red, flakey skin. It was very sore and when uncovered, or in water, was a source of great discomfort for him – he would cry and try to scratch at the uncovered areas. He didn’t enjoy bath time as the water made his symptoms worse. Mum was very worried about introducing foods, concerned this could make his eczema worse. Her GP had prescribed a steroid cream which she used a couple of time but was very reluctant to use on a regular basis.

His skin was clear, soft and “normal” prior to his first round of vaccinations at 8 weeks old.

After each round of vaccines, she noticed his skin got progressively worse. Whilst you will not widely see eczema recorded as a vaccine side effect, there is growing acknowledgment that there may be a link. Have a look at this article.

I prescribed a series of remedies which helped to detox his body from vaccinations alongside remedies which addressed the skin symptoms.

Three months later and his skin is “90% improved” reports mum. His skin is no longer dry, red or flakey. He is still not keen on bath time yet but his skin does not become sensitised any longer. Foods have been introduced and so far no return of skin symptoms. I continued treating him with remedies which boost his immune system, support his digestion, and general levels of health. Happy baby and happy Mum!

Homeopathic treatment offers a safe alternative to treat eczema.

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It is very unlikely conventional medicine will associate eczema symptoms or food allergies as a vaccine reaction.  If you notice a change in your babies skin after routine vaccinations do still raise it with your doctor. They may offer steroid cream which will only suppress the symptoms and the side effects can be more complex than the original symptoms. Homeopathic treatment is safe, non-toxic and effective in the treatment of eczema. It treats the root cause of the symptoms whilst supporting the skin.