Before you embark on homeopathic treatment for you or your family, you may have lots of questions. I understand and felt the same when I started using homeopathy. Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about homeopathy and eczema and my response. 


Q:  Why should people consider using homeopathy for eczema?



A: Homeopathic treatment addresses the root cause of the condition. By this I mean remedies will treat the skin symptoms but also the reason you have the eczema. As a homeopath I do not see eczema as just a skin condition. I see the body as an integrated whole, if there are symptoms on the skin it is a sign there is an imbalance internally which needs addressing. During a consultation with me your whole health history is analysed and from this it very often becomes clear when the eczema started which gives me an insight into what needs re-balancing internally. Treatment includes remedies for skin healing in addition to healing the reason for the symptoms.

Q:  Is homeopathy safe to use on babies and small children?


A: Remedies are made from natural substances which are serially diluted, they provide the stimulus for the body to start the healing process. So, it’s the body which is doing the work and the remedies are supporting the body during this healing process. I treat lots babies and small children for eczema and other conditions.

Q: Will the homeopathy cause side effects?


A: Homeopathic remedies are made from natural diluted substances, so they are very safe. They act as a catalyst to stimulate the body’s own healing abilities and so they are not healing in the same way as medication you will receive from your doctor. Because of this, homeopathic remedies do not come with a list of possible side effects in the same way as the leaflet inside your pharmaceutical meds do.

Some people may experience the following:

  • a slight worsening of symptoms after starting treatment. This can be part of the healing process as homeopathic remedies stimulate the body. This response does not generally last for a long time – a few days for example.
  • a “return of old symptoms”. This is an indication the body is clearing out old patterns of ill-health and disease. Again, this is usually very short lived.

Each person is individual, and their road to full health and vitality is as unique as they are. There are many factors which can influence how you respond to homeopathic treatment. I discuss this with your during your appointment.

Q: Will my child need to keep having treatment for years?


A: Homeopathic treatment works in harmony with your body and energy levels, this is different for each of us. Healing progress is dependent on how well your child responds to remedies and the complexity of their symptoms. A child who is severe eczema symptoms make take longer to heal that one with a small number of patches that have been present for a few months. You can expect to see positive progress within 2-3 appointments. I ask people to plan for 4-6 appointments for initial treatment.  

Q: My child also has digestion issues and allergies, will the homeopathy work for her?


A: The homeopathic view of health sees the body as an integrated whole and I very frequently see digestion issues and allergies as part of the symptom picture. Homeopathic treatment addresses all of these symptoms. They are not separate conditions; they are expressions of the same imbalance. I very often see a high degree of sensitivity with these types of conditions. Sensitivity to foods, the environment for example. If there are digestion issues the skin will very likely let you know with eczema symptoms. The gut and the skin are very closely linked and by helping the gut heal very often the skin symptoms start to clear up very quickly. 

Q: My child’s eczema gets worse when she is anxious, is there anything homeopathy can do to help that?


A: Yes, anxiety and stressful situations stimulate cortisol and adrenaline production which in turn stimulates histamine production. This is a very normal response to a stressful situation. BUT if you have eczema this can mean you may experience a flare up – stress hormones flood your system and eczema is back. What I can do as a homeopath is address why your child is finding particular situations stressful. Help them cope with things a little easier and you will notice the eczema flares reduce in frequency and intensity.

Q: How long will it take to heal the eczema?


Every case is different. It depends on the severity of symptoms, how long your child has had eczema and other health issues. However, I expect to see positive progress within 4-5 appointments. 

Q: Will my child be able to take other medications whilst using homeopathy?


A: Yes, homeopathic remedies can be taken alongside other medication. It is really helpful to know what medications your child is taking so I can prescribe appropriately. 

Q: I have heard that steroids will have hurt my child, how can homeopathy help now?


A: Unfortunately, there are side effects to steroid cream use and its important to be aware of these.

Homeopathic treatment can address these side effects – there are remedies I can prescribe which support the body whilst reducing steroid cream use. Long term steroid cream use can have a damaging effect on the adrenals for example and there are specific remedies which can support the adrenal gland whilst it is re-balancing. Skin symptoms can get much worse once the steroid cream use is stopped – again there are remedies specific to some of the most common symptoms.

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