How are you? How was your January? It can be a tricky month for many. I tend to spend January taking stock of what has happened in the previous year. Then this month I start planning for the coming year and begin to dip my toe in the water of new adventures.

2018 has already seen lots of new adventures happening in our house. Not just for me, but the whole family. It’s interesting to see how each of us navigate our way through this. We all have our strengths and weaknesses and I think these are often highlighted when we are experimenting with “new” things. We find ourselves outside of our comfort zone with “new” stuff, and that can often feel challenging in itself for many. I tend to delay completing tasks when I am doing something new. What about you? Are you aware of how you feel, how you behave when starting something new?

However we experience starting a new task our anxiety levels increase. It’s a completely natural response to new and often challenging experiences. It’s our fight or flight mechanism kicking in. It’s one of our most primitive and basic reactions – tapping into our human need to survive. It served man well when faced with potential attack from wild beasts. Fast forward to the 21st century and life for us humans is not quite so straight forward. Modern life is generally quite stressful, and then when we add in a new challenge (self-instigated or thrust upon us not of our choice) life can very quickly tip over into not being much fun. It is often the case that we cannot simply cannot walk or run away from those challenges, we have to deal with them in the best we can we at that moment in time.

So what do we do?

Firstly breathe.

Yep, stop and breathe. Slowly, in and out.

Think of nothing else. Close your eyes and focus on that air entering your body, filling your lungs and nourishing every cell in your body.

Your lungs are filling up like beautiful balloons.

Hold that air there for 3 seconds and then slowly breathe out.

Try to make the breath out the same length as the breath in.

Once your lungs are as empty as you can make them, hold again for 3 seconds and go again.

If your kids are feeling anxious, nervous or jangly about something this really is a great technique that you can try with them. For younger children it may take a few goes to help them focus.

Just the simple art of breathing can take us out of focusing too much on the anxiety and the feelings that it is bringing up. It helps us to re-set and look at the task we are facing with a fresh perspective.

Here is where homeopathy can help too. Homeopathic remedies can offer immediate comfort when dealing with anxiety or anxious situations.

There is no one remedy fits all, as we all feel and experience life differently.

However, below are some of the most commonly used remedies and I have given a short description for each. Read through each remedy and see which description best fits you or member of your family you are giving the remedy too.


The key word here is INTENSE. Feelings come on very quick and you think you will not survive. This is pure panic and fright. It may have been triggered by shock/accident or a bad experience. There will be extreme restlessness, and often the fear will be intensified in a crowd. It’s great for panic attacks where you feel faint. You may also develop a headache from such intense feelings. All feelings are often worse at night after midnight – so you may still be awake, or wake up feeling like you won’t survive the night!


This is for those “what if…..” situations. You may be very worried about an upcoming event and there will be lots of phobias (for example: fear of being alone, stage fright, being too late, claustrophobia, fear of undertaking anything). You may feel impulsive and have a tendency to rush around and prefer to have company. You may develop diarrhea when in this state.


This remedy is required when someone feels restless and finds it hard to settle. They will not want to be left alone, require a lot of reassurance and can be quite demanding. Anxiety will increase when something is expected of them. They may have a particular worry about their own health or the health of others. Again, night time will make these feelings more intense.


This is the first remedy to think of for anticipatory anxiety – e.g. for a dread of ordeals like exams, a trip to the dentist, a job interview or performance. You may feel wobbly and shaky and can appear to have the “rabbit in headlights” look – paralysed by fear. You may experience chilly shivers before the event, tremble or stutter and appear “scatty” and unable to collect your thoughts. There will be a desire to be left alone and not wish to be disturbed.


For those requiring this remedy there will be an extreme lack of self -confidence especially around trying new things and in particular events such as speaking in public, performing on stage, taking a test. Any situation where the fear of being exposed or getting things wrong or failing feels very real. However, once the task is in hand it is executed very well. This lack of confidence may be disguised by an outward show of confidence. Nerves will go to the stomach.

Most independent health shops sell a selection of homeopathic remedies. Or there are homeopathic pharmacies where you can buy the specific remedies mentioned above. Helios or Ainsworths homeopathhic pharmacies are the most popular.

Buy 30c potency. If you are unsure, give the homeopathic pharmacies a call and get advice on potency.

How to take the remedy: Put 1 pill into an empty mouth and let is dissolve. If you have just eaten or drunk something have a drink of water before you take the remedy to clean your pallet. Do not swallow the pill, just let it dissolve in your mouth.

Or, put 1 pill into a small glass of water, let it dissolve and sip. This works well for children.

If your situation is intense take 1 tablet hourly and reduce as your feel an improvement.

If your situation is less acute, take 1 tablet of the indicated remedy 4 times per day then reduce to 1 pill daily until you feel better.

I hope you have found some of this information helpful. If you would like information and support for your or a member of your family, please do get in touch for a free 15 minute phone call.

Finally, I would end with this lovely quote from “Hey Sigmund”. It’s talking about helping our kids embrace anxiety but I think it’s also relevant for us grown-ups too. Keep riding that wave lovely people, you never know what you might find.. .x