Healing the physical and emotions.

This is a wonderful story to highlight the healing power of homeopathic treatment. Addressing our emotions, in this case anxiety, starts the healing process at the root – the reason behind the symptoms.

Pearl (I have changed names for this article) was 11 years old when she came to see me with her mum for help with her skin.
Pearl was struggling with eczema patches on her arms and hands and on her scalp. Her skin was dry, itchy, hot, swollen and the pain was as if her skin had been stung. All of these symptoms were much much worse when her skin was wet and intensified at night. Prior to seeing me, Pearl’s mum had given her homeopathic remedies to help her symptoms. These helped a little to reduce the stinging but the skin symptoms were still present and not getting any better.


Pearl and her mum also explained to me that she felt great anxiety about her skin symptoms. Pearl worried her skin was never going to get better, she feared she would get sicker as time went on. Once Pearl started to worry her skin would begin to itch and a cycle of worry and itching – the itch increasing the worry and the worry making her itch – was happening. This would happen most nights and made it very difficult for her to get to sleep. Over time the poor sleep patterns were impacting on Pearl’s general level of health and well-being.

Anxious itching. 

We talked a little more about the things Pearl felt anxious about and she told me sometimes she would feel anxious about her school work if she was finding it particularly tricky. Her skin would start to itch if she was feeling worried about school work during the day too. Pearl was from a large family and whilst she loved her family very much sometimes she needed a quiet space to have some peace and quiet and time on her own. She liked routine and felt happier when she knew what was happening; she was a tidy child and liked order.

I asked mum if anything significant was happening in the weeks and months before Pearl’s symptoms started. These symptoms first started when she was 10 months old after the introduction of particular foods – gluten and diary in particular. These foods were eliminated from her diet and her skin cleared up. Her skin symptoms started again when Pearl was 9 years old and much more intense this time. Prior to this the family had moved to a new home several states away. Pearl had said goodbye to her friends which was hard for her. She felt sad to say goodbye but had made some new friends and settled well.

Remedies to support physical AND emotional symptoms. 

I gave Pearl a remedy which covered both physical and emotional symptoms. The remedy helped to re-balance histamine and cortisol production, support her skin, as well we support her emotions.

First appointment






All this healing in 5 months!!

This is a fantastic result for Pearl. No more itching, no more red blotches, no more stinging when her arms were in water. Throughout the entire summer she was able to swim in a local lake with no issues at all!

Pearl is sleeping well; she is able to fall asleep without the nightly itching episodes which meant she was awake until very late at night. All this meant Pearl was waking up refreshed and happy.

And the anxiety?

That has eased also. Mum told me it’s “0%”. Other than the typical siblings’ quarrels and disagreements that can happen Pearl told me challenging school work does not worry her so much anymore and is less anxious generally.

Pearl came for help for her skin symptoms. Not only have these symptoms healed she is also happier, more well rested and feels more confident. This is such a beautiful example of the power of homeopathic healing.

Our body and mind are as one – we are not separate parts which function independently of each other.

There are many treatments which could have addressed the skin symptoms and very likely removed them. But what about the anxiety? Pearl and her mum told me on several occasions when she got anxious her skin would flare up. These emotions needed addressing otherwise her skin symptoms would return each time Pearl go anxious. If her skin symptoms were suppressed, Pearl’s anxiety would continue to be a problem for her and her body would need to find another way of expressing these symptoms. Have a read here about what suppression of symptoms.

Homeopathic treatment treats the WHOLE body – your emotions AND your physical symptoms AND your health history is all considered when finding the right remedy for you.

Thank you to Pearl and her mum for allowing me to share this story and images.

If you are ready to find out how homeopathy can help you heal – physcially and emotionally – then message me or book an appointment.

Homeopathy can help you heal, naturally.