Healing is not always what we expect

From the day we are born our lives are not linear, we simply don’t know what each day will bring. What we think is going to happen so often does not and we are presented with a new situation we may not have dealt with before.

Read about Kate and her son Theo’s healing journey from eczema to clear skin and what happened along the way. I think it highlights wonderfully how events happen which are not what we expect but the results are amazing for everyone.

A baby with eczema

I met Theo and his mum Kate (names changed for this article) when Theo was just over a year old. He had been suffering with skin symptoms since he was 2 months old. Mum noticed small white dry patches across his trunk, body, head, hands and feet. As the weeks progressed the patches spread to his arms, legs, and groin area.

His doctor prescribed steroid cream and an emollient cream to be used together which she applied for a very short period of time. Theo’s symptoms improved whilst using steroid cream only to find his symptoms return and become more widespread as soon as Kate stopped using it.

This is a story I hear frequently – once the steroid cream use is stopped symptoms return and often become much worse.

Theo’s skin before treatment

Unhappy baby

When I met Theo his symptoms were making him grumpy and irritable and he was scratching whenever he could. Sleep was an issue, with frequent waking. His dermatologist diagnosed mild to moderate eczema and were offering further steroid cream as the treatment option. Mum didn’t want to use steroid cream again as she knew it was masking the symptoms and not healing her son’s skin.

Mum had changed washing powders, minimized bathing, tried various natural creams and lotions, removed eggs and diary from her diet as she was still breastfeeding Theo. Whilst weaning Kate found particular food groups made his skin worse. Theo struggled with teething and had some bowel issues which meant he often would go for a day without a bowel movement or would struggle pass a stool and was often very gassy.

I prescribed a remedy to support that matched HIS unique symptoms – supporting his skin, digestive system, bowels and emotional state.


A week or so later Mum emailed me this update:

He slept wonderfully last night as well and has been a tad less “needy” immediately upon waking. He is pooping a lot.” His skin symptoms were also starting to show signs of improvement – less itchy and patches less red.

New symptoms

Kate emailed me 3 weeks later to tell me Theo was suffering with a raised temperature and generally under the weather. She was concerned about him as he wasn’t hungry or thirsty, not sleeping, was congested and his temperature was creeping up. Mum and Dad had dosed him with medication to bring the fever down with little effect. As any parent would be, they were worried about their little one.

Based on the symptoms Kate described we settled upon Belladonna to help the fever and associated symptoms. Within a few hours his temperature was coming down. Over the next few days Kate continued to give Theo homeopathic remedies from her home prescribing kit to ease his symptoms. His temperature returned to normal, his appetite increased and he was starting to sleep longer and was looking more like himself.  He still had a cough and runny nose which was clearing well with further homeopathic remedies.

What about his skin symptoms?

Kate was concerned that during the acute illness his skin symptoms were no better. Prior to this his skin was showing signs of good improvement yet once he started with a fever and congestion the skin symptoms were not getting any better and had noticed the off flare up.

I explained that during an acute illness the body’s energy is so focused on those symptoms it often does not have the time or energy to continue the healing of a chronic condition – in this case the skin symptoms. All the energy the body was using to heal the eczema had been diverted to the fever, and other symptoms. Once Theo was fully recovered from these symptoms his body can back to the business of healing the eczema.

And that’s exactly what happened

At our next follow up appointment Kate told me once Theo was over his cough and runny nose his skin started to clear over the following few days. The only places with signs of eczema were inside his elbows, his shoulder and upper arm.

Theo was still having issues with his digestion and was very demanding of his mum’s attention. I prescribed a remedy which continued to support his skin, digestion and emotional state.

Excellent progess

At the follow up appointment Theo was no longer demanding mum’s attention ALL the time, his digestion was much improved and Kate was struggling to find any spots of eczema on his skin!

Free of eczema and so much more

Four months of homeopathic treatment helped this little boy who had been suffering with eczema for most of this life. In addition, Kate had nursed him through an acute illness and felt more confident to deal with any future acute illnesses. Theo no longer suffers with digestion issues, foods which did make his skin dry and itchy he can now eat with no flare ups and he is much happier to play independently and not be so demanding of mum’s attention.

Healing is never a straight line; it can zig-zag and other seemingly non related symptoms can come up and require attention. Theo’s fever and following illness whilst may not seem related to his eczema were part of his healing journey. Homeopathic treatment helped his body work through all of his symptoms, once resolved his immune system was able to return to the business of healing the eczema.


You may seek homeopathic treatment for a particular symptom however it can help with ALL of your symptoms – new and old. Homeopathic remedies treat ALL of you.


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